How Much is Lyor Cohen Worth?

Lyor Cohen is an acclaimed entertainment executive and integral part of the music industry who has amassed a net worth of $75 million. He has worked for numbers prominent artists and labels who have paid him well for his contribution and has also served as CEO of Warner Music Group which has definitely granted well to his net worth.

He confidently began his career at Simmons’ Rush Productions, where he became a manager of such performers as Kurtis Blow, the Beastie Boys, Whodini, LL Cool J, Eric B. & Rakim, Public Enemy, and numerous others musicians. In such a way, he made an incredible advancement to the further course of rap music movements of that time.

The serious breakthrough in his life occurred in 1998 when he became a co-founder of The Island Def Jam studio records. Working there, Lyor Cohen had the opportunity to work with other genres of music and pave the way to benefit and huge acknowledgment for such artists as Bon Jovi, Shania Twain, Elvis Costello, Sum 41, The Killers, Nickelback, Ashanti and more. What is more important in his life is that he served in the Warner as a chief executive and chairman for 8 years and finally in the year 2012 he resigned his position.

He is also associated with such well-known brands as YouTube and Spotify, which he also successfully managed and continues to do so far. How can a man, who makes the people superstars, be devoid be the awards. Having won the title of the Global Head of Music, he is one of the greatest of his kinds. Moreover, Lyor was inducted into the board of Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.