Madonna Kids: How Many Children Does the Star Have?

Madonna kids - all six are here!

No need to introduce Madonna – a music superstar, an actress and an entrepreneur. She made major contributions to development of world pop culture. Madonna is the queen of epatage, she is mostly known due to her hot music videos – such as “Hung Up”, “Bedtime Story”, “Justify My Love” and many others. 

Madonna in Hung Up

Madonna has made an enviable career. But the list of her life achievements doesn’t end with hit songs and movie roles. In addition to her career success, she has become a good mother for her kids. Many people don’t even know that the star has 6 children – four of them are adopted and two are her biological kids. So, what do we know about Madonna kids?

Madonna Eldest Daughter Lourdes Leon

Madonna daughter Lourdes Leon

Madonna was known by her numerous love affairs. But when the famous singer approached her 40th anniversary, she suddenly got obsessed with the idea to become a mother. From that moment Madonna gauged each man as the possible father of her future kid.

That’s why she started dating Carlos Leon. In fact, the pop star had never considered handsome Carlos for serious relationship. She always thought he had been a loser. Leon was a coach, who had dreamed to become an athlete, but failed.

Lourdes Leon with her father Carlos Leon

They occasionally met in the park, where both came for a morning run. Carlos was a personal coach, and Madonna offered him to train her. He was the ideal candidate to father her kid – tall, handsome and very fit.

Carlos Leon fell in love with a star and was ready to fulfill each her whim. He caught Madonna in his big arms, when she shared great news about her pregnancy. They both welcomed a cute baby girl but soon after that event they separated. Now they both are proud of their kid.

Lourdes Leon small

Lourdes Maria Ciccione Leon was born on October 14, 1996. The girl spent her early years in Los Angeles, California, and then moved with her mother to London, UK, when Madonna started dating a film director Guy Ritchie.

The most part of her life Lourdes spent in London. There she attended a prestigious school, where studied both English and French. Lourdes has always been a beautiful girl, but she didn’t like to appear in the limelight. Nevertheless the teenager accompanied her famous mother during Madonna’s public appearances. She stayed near Madonna during public readings of the book “The English Roses”, which she co-authored with her mother.  Then Lourdes was just 7 years old.

Lourdes Leon with her mother Madonna

In 2010 the girl has become her mother’s business partner. They launched the fashion line “Material Girl”. In addition Lourdes appeared in Madonna’s two music videos and provided back vocals for her mother’s album “MDNA”.

Currently Lourdes is 21 and she has turned into a beautiful talented young woman. Such a beauty must have lots of male fans, who hope to become her boyfriends. But now Madonna’s eldest daughter is single. Earlier she dated a popular actor Timothée Chalamet, whom you could see in “Interstellar”, “Love the Coopers” and “Lady Bird”.

Lourdes is one of two Madonna biological kids. Rocco Ritchie is the second one.

Madonna Biological Son Rocco Ritchie

Madonna split with her yoga coach Carlos Leon was painless for a star. Soon she met another man, who played the key role in her fate.

Guy Ritchie and Madonna met in 1998 at a party, arranged by the singer Sting. Sting and his wife Trudie Styler decided to arrange their meeting, as they thought; two stars perfectly fit each other.

Madonna and her ex-husband Guy Ritchie

Madonna and Guy started dating and soon moved together. Madonna took her daughter Lourdes and resided in London with Ritchie. Her fiancé was 10 years younger than the pop queen. But she didn’t pay attention to the age gap. Soon she got pregnant with her second kid.

Small Rocco Ritchie with his father Guy Ritchie

Rocco Ritchie was born on August 11 in 2000. Four months later his parents wedded in Skibo Castle, Scotland. The beautiful wedding ceremony was attended by numerous music and movie stars. Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta Jones, Dawn French and Lenny Henry were noticed among the guests.

At first Guy and Madonna marred life was incredibly happy! They spent 8 great years together, but then separated. In 2009 the couple divorced officially. Madonna gave no comments on her divorce at first. But then she opened up, that their marriage collapsed because “their love died”. But the friends of the couple told, that the real reason was Madonna’s too deep interest to Kabbalah.

Rocco Ritchie and his mother Madonna

Now the stars stay connected because of their son Rocco. Like his elder sister, Rocco hates publicity. Before his parents split he made several TV appearances – alongside his mother, of course. At the age of 5 he featured in “I’m Going to Tell You a Secret” – a documentary film about Madonna World Tour, which had been held in 2004.

By the way, Rocco is an enthusiastic break dancer. He even danced at his mother’s concert show.

The cute teenager has already visited several talk shows too. He was a guest of eccentric Ellen DeGeneres at her show.

In fact, Rocco was hurt by his parents’ divorce. In 2015 Madonna and Guy Ritchie started a custody battle in the court for the right to raise Rocco. Then the boy took his father’s side and even blocked his mother in Instagram.

Rocco Ritchie, Madonna and Ellen DeGeneres

Now Rocco and Madonna are on good terms. He spends time with his mother and her adopted kids.

Madonna Adopted Son David Banda Mwale Ciccone Ritchie

In 2006 Madonna and Guy Ritchie decided to adopt a child. David Banda was born in a poor family in Malawi. Two superstars took a child from Malawian orphanage in October, 2006. Then he was just 1 year old.

When Guy and Madonna were getting divorced, David was depressed. Now he shares his time between Guy and Madonna homes.

Madonna adopted son David Banda

David is just 11 now, and he hasn’t built any career plans yet. The boy just enjoys his happy childhood and studies at a prestigious school.

Not long ago David’s biological father Yohane Bande contacted his son. They met and had a long conversation. Yohane insists that he gave his sin David to Madonna just to educate him.

David Banda with his mother Madonna

But the star is not going to give the adopted son back to his biological parents. By the way, she adopted several other kids too.

Madonna Adopted Daughter Mercy James

In 2009 a divorced Grammy winner Madonna adopted another kid. She found a sweet girl Mercy James in an orphanage in Blantyre, Malawi. The girl suffered from malaria. Madonna decided to adopt her immediately, but she was refused, because the star was not Malawian resident and besides to that time she hadn't been married.

Madonna adopted daughter Mercy James

Then Madonna started a court battle. She spent millions for lawyers, but finally won the right to take Mercy with her.

Now Mercy James is 11-year-old girl. She likes her famous mother most of all in the world – and not for money.

Mercy James with her mother Madonna

In 2017 Madonna sponsored The Institute for Pediatric Surgery and Intensive Care in Malawi, which she named after her adopted daughter Mercy James. That very year the pop star did one more good deed. She adopted twin girls.

Madonna Adopted Kids Estere Ciccone and Stelle Ciccone

When Madonna announced her adoption of twins Estere and Stelle, journalists immediately started to compare her with Angelina Jolie. For now two stars have the equal quantity of kids – six.

Madonna youngest kids Estere Ciccone and Stelle Ciccone

Estere and Stelle were born in Malawi too. Madonna found them at an orphanage in Mchinji – the same, where she met David. The twin sisters were 4 years old at the moment of their meeting with Madonna. They looked sweet and had an interest to music. Madge prepared all the documents and soon she took the twins home.

The girls got used to the star residence very quickly. Currently they take piano lessons.

Although Madonna biological son Rocco lives with his father, he came to his mother’s home on her 59th birthday and got acquainted with his new sisters.

Estere and Stelle Ciccone with their mother Madonna

Madonna looked so happy, being surrounded by her six kids. The Queen of Pop shared the pics from her birthday party through social media. Madonna kids were near their talented and kind mother – and they made this day unforgettable for her. The singer arranged gypsy-themed party in a sunny beautiful country – Italy. And that was a great occasion to gather all six kids around her. That’s a rare moment, isn’t it?

Madonna and daughter Lourdes at her BD party

All the girls at the party – Lourdes, Mercy, Estere and Stelle – put on skirts, made of the same fabric. They looked like the friendly family, members of which live in happiness and harmony. 

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