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Mara Wilson Net Worth

$500 thousand

  • Real name / birth name Mara Elizabeth Wilson
  • Occupation writer, actress
  • Source of Wealth acting, writing articles and books
  • Country of wealth USA
  • Date of birth July 24, 1987
  • Age 35
  • Zodiac sign Leo
  • Birth place Burbank, California, United States
Sources 2018 $500 thousand $500 thousand

$500 thousand


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How Much is Mara Wilson Worth?

It is hard to tell, why most of child stars very rarely become popular in a mature age. Mara Wilson is one of those sweet young girls, who grace the silver screen at a very tender age and then change the focus of their careers.

Her net worth is estimated at $500, 000. Wilson started to make cash by her own at the age of 6, when she debuted in “Mrs. Doubtfire”. Later she starred in a beautiful and kind Christmas film “Miracle on 34th Street” and in several episodes of “Melrose Place”.

In her primary school years, Mara reached more than most of others reach till their 30. But then her career of an actress gradually slowed down. When Mara was 9, she lost her mother. Suzie Wilson died from cancer.

When Mara hit her teen years, she unexpectedly lost her childish charm. She visited auditions, but couldn’t win a role. After that the actress decided to take a break in acting, which turned to be really long.

Nowadays Mara Wilson makes her living as a writer. She has authored a book “Where Am I Now?”, where she tried to analyze the phenomenon of child stars. In addition she writes for a number of sites including McSweeney’s and some others.

Besides Mara Wilson shared her knowledge on dealing with phobias in the regular public show “What Are You Afraid Of?”

Mara Wilson Bio and Career

The cute baby Mara Elizabeth Wilson was born in Burbank, CA. Her mother was a housewife. She spent lots of time with her small and very talented daughter and four Mara’s siblings. Her father served as a TV broadcast engineer. Mike Wilson introduced small Mara to acting. She fell in love with that art and dreamed to act on the stage.

Mara debuted in ads at a very young age. She looked so cute on the screen, and it caught attention of numerous film makers. Wilson debuted as Robin Williams screen daughter in a comedy “Mrs. Doubtfire”. Then she appeared in a number of other movies and TV series, which were ranked as hits.

While filming the comedy “Matilda”, Mara Wilson lost her mother. After that her career of an actress gradually came to an end.


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