Mariano Rivera biography

Mariano Rivera Net Worth

$90 million

  • Real name / birth name Mariano Rivera
  • Occupation baseball player, MLB closer
  • Source of Wealth baseball
  • Country of wealth USA
  • Date of birth November 29, 1969
  • Age 53
  • Zodiac sign Sagittarius
  • Birth place Panama City, Panama
Sources 2018 $90 million $90 million $85 million

$90 million


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How Much is Mariano Rivera Worth?

Mariano Rivera is a former celebrated MLB player, who saved $90 million net worth. He played for New York Yankees during 17 seasons and in general he earned $169, 6 million during the years of his career. Thus each year Mo got about $10 million salary. But can each baseball player hope to get such a salary?

In fact, he can’t. Just the best MLB players earn really lots of cash, and no doubt, Mariano Rivera was one of such players. He was signed by Yankees in 1990 and 5 years later he got a chance to play for MLB. Mariano started his career in MLB as a setup man and only in 1997 got a chance to become Yankees closer.  Closer is a pitcher, who ends the baseball game. He is responsible for the 9th inning and very often it is he, who plays the key role in team’s victory or loss.

Rivera led his team to the victory numerous times, and for that he got not just money, but also lots of accolades. He was ranked as MLB saves leader three times and also won 5 World Series. In 1999 Mo was titled as MVP, which proved his position of a baseball star.

Having made enviable career, Mariano Rivera retired in 2013 and finally got a chance to relax. Now he is a generous philanthropist, who runs Mariano Rivera Foundation, which struggles with social and health problems. In March, 2017 Mariano Rivera was invited to the White House. He communicated with Donald Trump (who turned out to be his fan) and visited session of a charity group, which dealt with opioid addicted people. Probably, it will be Rivera’s next project.

As you see, Mariano Rivera managed to become an exclusive baseball player with incredibly huge salary. But how did he start his way to stardom?

Mariano Rivera Bio and Career

The baseball player Mariano Rivera was born in Panama. He was brought up in a middle class family and his father earned his living as a fishing boat captain. Mariano showed great interest in baseball since his earliest years.

The boy had no money for professional baseball equipment, that’s why he used improvised objects to make baseball gloves and balls. His parents noticed Mariano’s interest to the game and finally bought him the real baseball glove at the age of 12. After that he started to train at an amateur baseball team.

When Mariano turned 20, he had already played for Panama Oeste team. The young player was noticed by Herb Raybourn, Yankee’s scout. Thus the young gifted pitcher singed his first solid deal.

Currently Mariano Rivera owns multi-million fortune. No wonder, that such an affluent person bought a lavish mansion for himself and his family. The ex-baseball star lives with his wife and son.


He owns several properties, including the huge houses in Panama and Harrison, New York. Not long ago he sold a luxurious residence in Tampa, Florida.

In fact, Mariano was quite a generous seller. He asked just $1 million for a lavish mansion. The house consisted of 2 storeys and had 4 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms. In looked festive from outside, as it was built of hard stone of coffee-with-milk color.

The interior of the baseball pitcher’s residence looked elegant and stylish. It was decorated with white and beige colors. In the back part of the house there was a spacious swimming pool.

One more mansion, which belongs to Mariano Rivera, who has really deep pockets, is situated in Avila. It is larger than his former mansion in Tampa and consists of numerous bedrooms and bathrooms, a billiard room, a theater room and gym.

Mo bought it for $5, 7 million in 2009 just after his fifth World Series. Thus Mariano Rivera invested the part of his net worth. Now he enjoys living in his luxurious property.


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