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Mark Wilkerson


Mark Wilkerson

Mark Wilkerson Net Worth is $4 Million

How rich is Mark Wilkerson?

Nicknames: Mark Wilkerson

Date of birth: the 6th of September, 1976

Profession: musician, singer

Nationality: United States of America

Source of wealth: music

How Much is Mark Wilkerson Worth?

Mark Wilkerson is celebrated as a vocalist, guitarist and songwriter. Through these activities he earned $4 million net worth. The main source of Mark Wilkerson wealth is his work at Course of Nature band (CON).

Mark founded CON in 2001 and from that moment the band passed through lots of changes – in the cast, location and label.

Mark Wilkerson was a Course of Nature vocalist

At first the rock band “Course of Nature” located in Mark Wilkerson native city, named Enterprise (in the south of Alabama). At first CON was supposed to be a cover band, but later they started to write and play original music. Except for Mark Wilkerson, the band consisted of Sean Kipe, Jackson Eppley and Shane Lenzen O’Connell.

Mark Wilkerson and other band members met their big break in early 2000s, when the representative of Atlantic Records phoned them. Thus, over just a weekend CON musicians turned from strong amateurs into professional music makers.

Mark Wilkerson wife Melissa Joan Hart

As a part of “Course of Nature”, Mark Wilkerson rose to fame after the release of the single “Anger Cage”.  Before its release the band changed the record label. Atlantic Records had some inner problems, after that it was divided into two separate companies, Atlantic Records and Lava Records. Mark Wilkerson didn’t want to join any of these branches, so he shook the managers’ hands and left.

Mark Wilkerson (the third from the left) with other CON members

In 2007 CON and Mark Wilkerson signed the recording deal with Silent Majority Group. By the way, to that moment not just record label was changed. The major part of band members was replaced too.

But Mark Wilkerson still was there and he still wrote great music. Thus, he co-authored the great single “Anger Cage”. It occupied the 35th position in American mainstream rock chart.  Later “Course of Nature” released the album “Damaged”, which has become a hit.

Unfortunately, currently the band “Course of Nature” is not active. So, Marl Wilkerson has much lower income. But he can spend more time with his family.

Mark Wilkerson Bio and Career

The future musician Mark Wilkerson was born in 1976 in Enterprise, Alabama. His parents’ names are Jennifer and Walt.

Since earliest years Mark was interested in music. In late 1990s he met John Milldrum, another music enthusiast, and they both have become members of the band “Cog”. As the part of the band, they released the album “No Time at All”. The disk had moderate success, that’s why Wilkerson and Milldrum left the band. They founded their own music group, named “Course of Nature”.

In 2002 the band released the debut album “Superkala”. The disk consisted of 10 tracks. The first of them, “Wall of Shame”, was used in the game “Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit 2”.

After the release of the first album CON disbanded for a while. In 2003 Mark moved from Enterprise to Los Angeles. In 2007 Mark Wilkerson was back again, with the new musicians and new songs.

Mark Wilkerson co-authored Need for Speed soundtrack

In 2008 “Course of Nature” released the great album “Damaged”, which proved, that CON was still worth of attention.

The band was active till 2011. They toured, released new singles and uploaded music to MySpace. In 2011 they suddenly disbanded.

Currently Mark Wilkerson spends the major part of his time with his wife, an actress Melissa Joan Hart. The couple has three sons.

Mark Wilkerson House

Mark Wilkerson and Melissa Joan Hart met at Kentucky Derby (the annual horse race), where Mark Wilkerson and his band performed and Melissa introduced them. Two young people liked each other at first sight. They started dating and then tied a knot.

Mark Wilkerson house

Currently Mark Wilkerson resides with his wife and sons in a picturesque house in LA. The building looks like a one-storey cozy cottage. It is built of white brick and looks festive to some extent. The residence has two tall windows and a narrow brown door. Vines of grapes cover one of the walls. The yard around the house is neat and well-groomed too. 

Mark Wilkerson, his wife Melissa Joan Hart and their sons

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