Martha Stewart biography

Martha Stewart Net Worth

$300 million

  • Real name / birth name Martha Helen Stewart
  • Occupation author, TV host, businesswoman
  • Source of Wealth television, cookbook business
  • Country of wealth USA
  • Date of birth August 3, 1941
  • Age 81
  • Zodiac sign Leo
  • Birth place Jersey City, New Jersey, United States
Sources 2018 2019 $300 million $300 million $300 million

$300 million


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How Much is Martha Stewart Worth?

Is it possible to become a millionaire, if you are a housewife? Martha Stewart proves that the work about the house can be paid really high! The queen of American housewives can boast with $300 million net worth. According to Forbes, twice Martha’s net worth reached $1 billion mark. But the stellar homemaker lost a lot because of insider trading scandal. Most part of Stewart’s net worth came from her salary at Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia (MSLO), the company, which she founded in early 1990s.

Martha Stewart Salary from MSLO by Year (estimated by TheRichest):

2009 $9, 7 million
2012 $5, 2 million

Martha salary looks really impressive, but she was worth it as her company had got about $735 million of sales money in its peak phase.

Martha Stewart Bio and Career

It is hard to tell, why some people reach the top and earn millions of dollars, while the others are working from morning till night and live from hand to mouth. Martha Kostyra was born in a middle-class American family. She had 5 siblings, and the girl had to help her mother about the house and care about her younger brothers and sisters. Probably, Martha’s hot pies were much tastier than those ones of her siblings and neighbors. Otherwise she could boast with beauty and charisma and that’s why her dishes were considered as the best in her neighborhood. The beautiful young girl with the skills of a great housewife could marry a rich man and become the ideal wife and mother. At first Martha tried to follow this way. She married a young lawyer Andrew Stewart and gave a birth to a sweet daughter Alexis. Martha liked to do the work about the house – she cleaned the rooms, decorated her house in a stylish manner and cooked delicious food. But at the same time she dreamed to do something bigger.

In 1967 Martha started to work as a stockbroker. The winsome blonde with alluring eyes easily found lots of friends, who gave her necessary advice. Soon Stewart earned enough to start her own company. At first she opened a catering firm in the cellar of her house. Gradually Martha Stewart parties became popular and the woman opened the company Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia. She released several cooking books like “Entertaining”, “The Martha Stewart Cookbook”, “Baking Handbook” etc. The queen of housekeeping hosted her own program “Martha Stewart Living” and released the magazine with the same name.

Insider Trading Scandal

Martha Stewart has become the role model for each American housewife. But in 2004 her reputation and popularity were damaged. The famous TV host and author was imprisoned for trading fraud. She sold the stock of ImClone Systems after the confidential information she got from Sam Waksal, her daughter’s boyfriend and the founder of the company. ImClone Systems went bust the next day after Martha had sold her stock. Waksal’s advice helped her save $45 million but opened her a door to prison. The celebrity spent 5 months in jail.

But Martha Stewart remains an optimistic person. In 2015 she sold Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia to Sequential Brands Group. Now she enjoys free and wealthy life. How does a star spend her money?


Martha Stewart is rumored to have at least four houses. The star owns a property in New York, Turkey Hill, Connecticut and some other cities in USA. But the visiting card of the TV host is, probably, her home in Maine, Skylands. The house was designed in early 20s by Duncan Candler for Edsel Ford, the owner of Ford Motors Company. No need to say that Martha decorated the house according to her own taste and with the assistant of Kevin Sharkey, her “Martha Stewart Living” colleague.

The house is made of local stone and is surrounded by beautiful kiwi vines and ferns. It consists of numerous bedrooms and of course, has a roomy well-equipped kitchen.

The star spends her money for cars too. Her favorite one is red vintage Ford Edsel. The car was produced in 1957 for the first time. They say the company spent about $250 million to create it. Then-new vehicle was named after Ford’s son – Edsel. Its production was stopped in 1959 and only the richest people – like Martha Stewart – have this car in their garages.

So, Martha Stewart lives a happy life, but she can’t live without working. In March, 2016 she started a new show with Snoop Dogg, named “Martha & Snoop’s Potluck Dinner”. They say, the show has the highest ratings.


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