Mary Kay Letourneau

Mary Kay Letourneau Net Worth is $50, 000

How rich is Mary Kay Letourneau?

Nickname: Mary Katherine Schmitz

Date of birth: the 30th of January, 1962

Profession: teacher, dancer, nightclub parties’ host

Nationality: United States of America

Source of wealth: teaching, hosting night club parties, dancing

How Much is Mary Kay Letourneau Worth?

In her 55 she still looks fit and attractive. The simple school teacher, she was supposed to live a calm ordinary life. The woman of average income, the wife and mother of 4 children, she had never thought about becoming a criminal or celebrity. But in 1996 the life of Mary Kay Letourneau did a 180 degree change. She became a participant of one of the loudest sex scandals in the world.

Mary Kay Letourneau and  Vili Fualaau

Currently Mary Kay is left alone with nothing. Her passionate lover and husband Vili Fualaau separated from her in May, 2017. Mary Kay seemed not to be astonished. “It wasn’t strong enough from the very beginning”, she commented their failed romance. The woman’s net worth is estimated as $50, 000 ($300, 000 according to other source). Mary Kay, who was sent to jail twice for child’s rape and who spent 7 years imprisoned, now is facing financial problems. What is her strange story?

Mary Kay Letourneau’s Story

She was brought up in a family with traditional values. Her father, college professor, tried to make career of a politician too. It is interesting to know, that Mary Kay’s father was also involved into affair with his student Carla.

Mary Kay was educated in the University at Arizona. She dreamed about career of a politician too, but got pregnant from Steve Letourneau and married him.

They had 4 children together, but Steve was “emotionally abusive” as Mary Kay used to tell. When one of her students, Vili Fualaau, confessed his love to her, they started to date and finally, got involved into sexual relationships.

Mary Kay was prosecuted for her love affair with a 12 year old child. She gave a birth to their 2 daughters. The woman’s husband divorced her and took the custody over their children.

Mary Kay Letourneau during the court process

When Mary Kay returned home from prison, the man of her dream had already turned 21. They got married in 2004 and seemed to be finally happy. In 2017 the couple separated.

Mary Kay Letourneau and Vili Fualaau Wedding

Mary Kay Letourneau House

Mary Kay Letourneau House

Mary Kay and Vili Fualaau lived in a small rented house, built of white stone. It stood almost on the water and it was hard to get to their residence without a boat. But the couple liked their house and planned to buy it. They started to host “Hot For Teacher” parties at a local night club, when Mary danced and Vili djed. It is not known, how Mary Kay Letourneau plans to earn her living after the divorce. Her love story was depicted in the movie “All-American Girl: The Mary Kay Letourneau Story”, where Mary Kay was portrayed by the actress Penelope Ann Miller.

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