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Matt LeBlanc Net Worth

$80 million

  • Real name / birth name Matthew Steven LeBlanc
  • Occupation actor, model, producer
  • Source of Wealth television, movies
  • Country of wealth USA
  • Date of birth July 25, 1967
  • Age 55
  • Zodiac sign Leo
  • Birth place Newton, Massachusetts, United States
Sources 2018 $80 million $60 million $60 million

$80 million


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How Much is Matt LeBlanc Worth?

Several years ago it was announced that Matt LeBlanc (which is associated mostly with his famous screen hero Joey Tribbiani) had become the co-host of a popular car show “Top Gear”. Joey shared the great news with his fans and added that he had always been a crazy fan of luxurious cars. In any case, it was a big event in LeBlanc’s career, as the actor stayed in a shadow for a long time after the end of “Joey”. No need to say, that this job made a positive impact on Joey’s wealth. Currently his net worth is estimated at $70 million.

Matt LeBlanc earned his wealth through his work in entertainment industry. He is known as an actor and producer. Both these jobs brought Matt a solid income.

LeBlanc got a star status in 1994 after the presentation of “Friends” series. The show, which had become a massive hit, made then-unknown actors Matt LeBlanc, Courteney Cox, Jennifer Aniston, Lisa Kudrow, Matthew Perry and David Schwimmer internationally popular stars. Matt’s salary was estimated at $75, 000 per episode. He bathed in both, popularity and money, and even was frustrated, when “Friends” came to an end.

Later Matt developed the line of his hero Joey and presented the new series, named after his popular character. “Joey” enjoyed some success, and even brought the actor $15 million. But 2 years after its start the series was closed, and Matt LeBlanc began to look for other projects.

He starred in films “Charlie’s Angels” and “All the Queen’s Men”, was awarded with Golden Globe for his work in the series “Episodes” and produced several shows, including “Man with a Plan”. He entered the new phase of his career with his acceptance to the project “Top Gear”.

The British show is popular all over the world, and Matt LeBlanc’s salary per his acting there is £1 million. So, now the fans can be happy for Matt – his net worth is growing. But how did he start?

Matt LeBlanc Bio and Career

Now celebrity, Matt LeBlanc used to be an ordinary boy in his early years. He grew up in Newton, Massachusetts in a family of a mechanic (father) and an office worker (mother). Joey started to earn his salary as a model – he advertised Heinz ketchup. Gradually he moved his way on television and acted in a number of then-popular shows, like “Just the Ten of Us”, “Vinnie and Bobby” and “Married with Children”. Finally, he was cast as Joey in NBC show “Friends”, which catapulted him to stardom.


Celebrities’ houses, built in the most beautiful and expensive cities of the planet, always awaken unusual feelings in the souls of their fans. Matt LeBlanc’s home is not exclusion. No wonder, as it is the place, where favorite for many people “Joey Tribbiani” spends his everyday life. He wakes up, drinks coffee and makes plans for the day – just like many other ordinary people in USA and all over the world.

Have a look at the house, where Matt Leblanc spent long 9 years of his life. He bought Pacific Palisades mansion, built in Spanish style, in 2007, just after his divorce to an actress Missy McKnight, with whom Matt has a daughter. Then the star spent $3, 75 million for a beautiful cozy house, where he was looking for tranquility.

In 2016 he put the enormous villa on sale and asked $8, 75 million per it. The price may seem high to somebody, but the mansion is worth it and not just because of its famous owner. The villa looks perfect!

The house is elegant and simple. It is decorated with façade tiles of coffee and milk color. The roof of the house is covered with shingles. The building is hidden among manicured lawns. Just in front of the main entrance the courtyard is decorated with sidewalk tiles of the same color as the roof. The exterior of the mansion is great, and its interior is not worse at all! Matt LeBlanc spent his calm evenings in a big hospitable living-room near the fireplace. The room, decorated in light brown and white colors, has minimum of furniture. That’s why it looks incredibly spacious.

Aside the living-room, the house can also boast with four bedrooms, three bathrooms and a well-equipped kitchen.

Top Gear host Matt LeBlanc owns a great vehicle. He was photographed, entering his fast and beautiful Mercedes-Benz. The fast car of light grey color cost the TV star $109, 000. The great investment, which didn’t ruin his budget at all!


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