Mayte Garcia Net Worth

Mayte Garcia Net Worth is $2, 5 Million

How rich is Mayte Garcia?

Nicknames: Mayte Jannell Garcia

Date of birth: the 12th of November, 1973

Profession: dancer, actress, model

Nationality: United States of America

Source of wealth: television, movies, modeling, dancing

How much is Mayte Garcia Worth?

Mayte Garcia net worth

Mayte Garcia looks much younger of her 43, and she is a typical fragile woman – not tall, very slim with huge trustful brown eyes. It is hard to associate her with a successful business lady, who pushed aside everything and everyone on her way on top. In fact, Mayte is not a person of that kind. Nevertheless Mayte Garcia net worth is $2, 5 million. The amount is impressive, but what did the woman do to save it?

Most part of Mayte’s income comes from her work of a choreographer. Mayte choreographed the legendary hot dance of young Britney Spears at MTV Movie Awards 2001. Do you remember Britney, dressed in a green swimsuit and long brown boots? Her hips were covered with the airy pieces of cloth and she moved like a panther, singing her popular song “I’m Slave for You”. Till now her dancing movements are remembered by her fans. It was Mayte Garcia, who stood behind that dance. No need to say, she got an enviable salary for that gig.

She makes some money as an actress too. Mayte starred in the film “Firehouse Dog”. She also made occasional appearances in the popular TV shows like “Las Vegas”, “CSI: NY” and some others.

Mayte Garcia gets a constant income from selling of her book “The Most Beautiful: My Life with Prince”. 

Mayte Garcia Book

Mayte Garcia’s Way On Top

Most of people think that Mayte Garcia got the winning ticket, when she had sent her dancing video to an iconic singer Prince and the star hired her to dance on his tour “Diamonds and Pearls”.

Young Mayte Garcia with Prince

But as Mayte told in her interview to “This Morning” TV show, she had lots of opportunities at a very young age of 16. The trained belly dancer, Mayte participated in corporative events and earned enough for a girl of a school age. It was her mother who inspired Mayte to send her dancing video to Prince. They met and fell in love with one another. Although their relationships had a tragic end, Mayte remembers her mentor and ex-husband with love and sorrow.

Young Mayte Garcia dancing

Mayte Garcia saved a big part of her net worth, being the part of Prince team. After their separation, she collaborated with other stars (as a dancer). Garcia worked with Chaka Khan, Graham Central Station and some others.

The famous dancer and actress earned a solid net worth, which she spends with Gia, her adopted daughter.

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