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Meg Whitman

Meg Whitman Net Worth is $2, 2 Billion


$2, 2 billion


$2 billion


$2, 1 billion


$2, 2 billion


Meg Whitman net worth

Nickname: Margaret Cushing Whitman, Meg C. Whitman

Date of birth: the 4th of August, 1956

Profession: business mogul

Nationality: United States of America

Source of wealth: eBay

There are not so many female names among world business elite. And Meg Whitman is one of them. Incredibly clever, she managed to save a net worth of $2, 2 billion. This unreally talented woman combined her career with a happy personal life. Long time ago she married a doctor Griff Harsh and they both brought up two sons.

In fact, Meg Whitman’s talent to sciences was noticed in her early years. She managed to complete high school program within 3 years and later she entered Harvard Business School.

After graduation from Harvard, where she has been working from morning till night as she was afraid of exclusion, Meg started to make career in a corporate world, which mostly belongs to men.

Meg served at Proctor & Gamble and fulfilled the duties of a product manager. Then she got married and moved with her husband to San Francisco. There Whitman continued to save her net worth and worked at a business consulting company Bain & Company. Having got initial experience, Meg continued serving in the most famous companies on the planet like Hasbro, Disney, Dreamworks and others.

She was CEO of eBay during ten years and the company's turnover was increasing from year to year because of her talented management. Probably, during her time at eBay she saved the major part of her multibillion net worth.

As a very ambitious woman, Whitman applied for the post of California governor in 2010, but lost her bid. After that Meg returned to business and occupied the post of key executive at Hewlett-Packard.

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