Megan Fox husband Brian Green reveals the secret of long-term marriage: “Happy wife is happy life!”

Megan Fox husband Brian Austin Green

Many people compare the beauty Megan Fox with another bright woman in Hollywood – Angelina Jolie. The actresses really have a lot in common – both are hot sexy brunettes, both are loving mothers and both have experienced a bright and beautiful love story. But if the story of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt has ended rather sadly, the story of Megan Fox and her husband – actor Brian Green – lasts up to this day.

Megan Fox husband, actor Brian Austin Green, stole the hearts of many girls back in 1994, when he had appeared as the wealthy and handsome David Silver in the Beverly Hills series in the company of other young stars Jason Priestley, Jennie Garth, Shannen Doherty, Tori Spelling etc.

Brian Austin Green and Tori Spelling in Beverly Hills

He confirmed the title of the hottest guy on TV, when he played a constructor and lover of well-known Bree Van de Kamp (Marcia Cross) in "Desperate Housewives".

Brian Green and Marcia Cross in Desperate Housewives

But no matter how much Brian Austin Green reigns on the screen, his main work will always be the role of a husband and father. In an interview for Hollywood Pipeline Bryan confessed that he was trying to concede Megan in any dispute in order to make her happy. Thus by Fox’s advice, he once dyed his eyebrows. "Happy wife is happy life," he smiles.

Brian Green and his happy wife Megan Fox

And yes, despite all the ups and downs, scandals and separations, the birth of children and rumors of divorce, Brian Green and Megan Fox have spent 13 years together – it's certainly not the whole life, but a very significant piece of it. So how does Green’s life with Megan look like?

Brian Green Childhood: Life Before Megan

Brian Austin Green early years

In his interview to Hollywood Pipeline Brian Green has confessed, that he has no middle name. Many people know him as “Brian Austen Green”, but he even doesn’t remember exactly, how to spell the mid name. When Green began his acting career, he learnt, that the actor Brian Green had already existed, so he chose the mid name “Austin” not to be mixed with him. But in real he is just Brian Green.

The future teen heartthrob was born in 1973, on the 15th of July. The boy grew up with two siblings.

Brian’s father George Green earned his living as a musician. His father’s career inspired small Brian to try his hand in performing arts too. Thus Green Jr started to practice music and acting.

Brian Green with Beverly Hills co-stars Jennie Garth and Jason Priestley

He has been starring on the screen since childhood. Brian Green appeared in commercials, acted in the low-budget film, directed by a student of USC and finally found his way to roles in TV series.

Brian Austin Green met his finest hour in 1994, when he portrayed the talented musician David Silver in “Beverly Hills, 90210”.

In 2000s the series came to an end. After that Brian continued his career and starred in “CSI: Crime Scene Investigation”, “The Twilight Zone”, “Purgatory Flats” etc.

Brian Green and Megan Fox

In 2004 Brian got an invitation to play a guest role in the series “Hope & Faith”. He agreed to make a short cameo appearance and then put cash into his pocket. That ordinary acting deal brought Brian Green much more than easy money.

Brian Green Weird Meeting with Megan Fox

Young and hot Megan Fox starred in “Hope & Faith” a little more than Brian. She appeared in 48 episodes, being a hot 18-year-old girl with complicated childhood behind her back and big hopes for successful career in Hollywood in front of her.

Brian Green and Megan Fox meeting and love story

Of course, she knew Brian Austin Green by his work in “Beverly Hills”. As Megan later said, she immediately fell in love with him. Twelve year age gap has never been a problem for Megan Fox. “He was an adult man and had an ego”, she later explained.

Brian Green with his ex-girlfriend Tiffani Amber Thiessen

Brian Green and Megan started dating.  Fox knew that previously Brian was in long-term relationship with another Beverly Hills actress Tiffani Amber Thiessen. In addition, he had a son Kassius with the actress Vanessa Marcil. But Megan didn’t care about it. She was completely involved into her first serious love affair.

Brian Green and the mother of his eldest son Vanessa Marcil

As for Brian, he told, that Megan “gave him back some part of his soul, which he had lost with age”.  In 2006 he proposed her. But a year later the couple parted their ways.

Megan wanted to concentrate on her career. She has just started to film “Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen”. Fox loved Brian, but she was too young to become a wife and had lots of ambitions as for her career.

Brian Green with his eldest son Kassius

But soon she felt too lonely without Green’s charismatic smile and strong shoulder. Once she called him – and that all started again.

Brian Green Wedding: Life with Megan

Brian Green and Megan Fox wedding

Megan Fox and Brian Green tied a knot in June, 2010. Megan lost her first engagement ring, so Brian bought her another one – for $80, 000. The couple went to Hawaii to arrange private wedding ceremony there. Although Megan and Brian were rich and popular Hollywood stars, they decided to make their wedding very simple and closed.

Megan Fox in a beautiful wedding dress from Armani Prive

Fox looked so happy and airy in a beautiful white dress from Armani Prive. Green and his son Kassius were dressed in white clothes from Armani too. Brian waited for Megan on the beach. He promised his young wife lo love her till the end of life.

After that Fox and Brian spent several weeks in Hawaiian hotel “Four Seasons”. They looked really happy and confident in the decision they had made.

Megan Fox and Brian Green honeymoon

Soon Megan and Brian Green welcomed their first son Noah. Two years later Megan gave a birth to the second son Bodhi. It was a strange feeling for Fox – to become a mother. As she confessed in her interview, she had never thought that motherhood was her calling, but her two sons immediately captured Megan’s attention for 24 hours per day.

Brian Green with pregnant Megan Fox

She seemed to be the happiest woman in the world – a mother of two great boys, a wife of hot Brian Austin Green and a popular actress.

But nothing lasts forever.

Almost Divorced: Life Instead of Megan

In 2015 Megan Fox filed papers for divorce. That news shocked Fox and Green’s fans, who considered two celebrities as the best parents and the sample of big faithful love.

Megan Fox and Brian Green divorce rumors

No need to say, that from that moment Fox and Green were followed by paparazzi. They were tired from phone calls and lots of invitations to popular talk shows.

Brian and Megan have never opened up about the reason of their separation. But both were ready to struggle in court for child custody.

Brian Green looked really lost during that time. He felt, that his personal life as well as his career failed. Journalists blamed him for envy to Megan Fox success in acting. Green kept silent and gave no comments.

Happy Together: Life With Megan Again

Soon Megan Fox appeared in public with a neat round belly, which was impossible to cover. She opened up, that she is pregnant again. Fox didn’t tell, who the father of her baby was, but then Brian confirmed, that he and his wife Megan Fox are going to become parents for the third time.

Pregnant Megan Fox with her husband Brian Green

It turned out, that in spite of their divorce process, Megan and Brian continued to spend lots of time together. They still were hot passionate lovers and couldn’t stop their relationship; also it had already become really complicated.

Green hated to stay at home and become “a homemaker”. But he had a long pause in acting, and that annoyed him.

To discuss their problems and make plans for future, Megan and Brian went to Hawaii. After several days of rest and relax, they reconciled again.

Brian Austin Green Sons: Is There A Place for a Girl?

Megan Fox and Brian Green with their three sons

In 2016 Megan and Brian Green have become the parents of a cute baby – Journey. Thus Brian Green is now a father of 4 – and all of them are boys. Once the actor confessed, that he had always dreamed about a girl, and probably, Megan and he would have one more baby soon. “But I am afraid, the baby will be the boy again”, Brian told, laughing.

As for girls, very often Green and Fox are pictured with a cute brown-haired girl in Disney princess dresses. But the child is not a secret daughter of Megan and Brian – it is their elder son Noah.

Megan Fox with her son Noah, who likes to wear dresses

The strange image of Brian Green’s son is one of most googled topics in net today. To give his fans the answers, Green opened up, that his son really likes to wear wigs and dresses. But the actor doesn’t think that this small hobby of his son is a problem. “Noah is just a kid. He is having fun and doesn’t do harm to anyone”, the TV star said.

Brian Green hopes, that Noah hobby won’t escalate into a big problem and will come to an end with age.

Now the main passion in Megan Fox husband’s life is his beautiful wife and their children. He has tattoos on his chest with Megan’s name and the names of his sons. 

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