Melissa Gilbert biography

Melissa Gilbert Net Worth

$500 thousand

  • Real name / birth name Melissa Ellen Gilbert
  • Occupation actress, director, screenwriter
  • Source of Wealth television, movies
  • Country of wealth USA
  • Date of birth May 8, 1964
  • Age 58
  • Zodiac sign Taurus
  • Birth place Los Angeles, California, United States
Sources 2018 2019 $500 thousand $500 thousand $800 thousand

$500 thousand


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How Much is Melissa Gilbert Worth?

The well-known actress and director, former president of the Screen Actors Guild and author of several books, Melissa Gilbert, for the years of her professional activity, has accumulated a relatively modest net worth – just $500,000. At the same time, the star was named in the press as a “tax cheat” for her $360, 000 tax debt to IRS. Do you want to hear a story about a woman who knew luxury, poverty, fame and oblivion? Then get ready to learn everything about it!

Melissa Gilbert started to save her net worth as a child star. The girl earned her first salary at an early age, when she was cast to a TV commercial.

Gilbert met her finest hour in 1974, when she won the role of Laura in “Little House on the Prairie”. The project was on air till 1984 and it enjoyed great success with a public. Laura’s salary at that time was $75, 000 per week.

Unfortunately, when the project was over, Melissa’s acting career appeared in its slow phase. She took part in a number of movies and TV series, which enjoyed modest success, but had never become global hits. Nevertheless Gilbert earned some wealth as the actress of the films “Sylvester”, “Zoya”, “Thicker Than Water” and some others.

From 2001 to 2005 Melissa Gilbert served as the Screen Actors Guild president. This job brought her not just money, but also some manager experience, which she later used to release her political ambitions.

In 2012 Melissa Gilbert enjoyed quite solid income from her participation in “Dancing with the Stars” show.

Melissa Gilbert Bio and Career

But the year later Melissa’s income decreased. She had no interesting offers as the actress, so her career was in a stalled phase. In addition she divorced with her 2nd husband and witnessed economical recession (like many other people all over the world). That caused Melissa Gilbert’s tax debt. Currently she owes the IRS more than $300, 000. The actress promises to pay the debt back till 2024.

In 2014-2015 Melissa planned to realize her political ambitions and to use her manager experience in congressional run for Michigan’s 8th district. But later she took off her candidacy because of health problems.

So, what is Melissa Gilbert’s source of wealth now? First of all, she makes money as a producer and founder of Half Pint Enterprises Inc. Most part of her income is passive now – she makes money from her company and also has percentage income. Nevertheless the actress does voice work and appears in TV shows from time to time, which brings her some earned income too. For example, Melissa earned $1, 094 for her appearance at Steve Harvey show several years ago.


Melissa Gilbert lives with her third husband a director Timothy Busfield in a rented house in Michigan. The couple moved away from glamorous Hollywood to live the calm silent life. Not long ago they finally bought the house of their own.

Have a look at this sweet love nest! The multi-layer house is situated “far away in woods”, as Melissa announced to her fans through twitter. The multi-layer mansion is built in Victorian style. The outer walls of the house are made of stone and are limited with stripes of wood by the sides. The house is decorated typically for Victorian style – it has textured wall surface and scalloped shingles.

It is not known, how many rooms the house has, but no doubt, Melissa and her husband have enough of empty space in their residence.

As for vehicles, Gilbert owns several of them. In her DWTS time she came to rehearsal in her favorite Ford Mustang Convertible, which costs about $30, 000.



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