Michael Bloomberg

Michael Bloomberg Net Worth is $42, 5 Billion


$42, 5 billion


$45, 3 billion


$36, 5 billion


$49,8 billion


$40 billion

Michael Bloomberg net worth

Nickname: Michael Rubens Bloomberg, Honorable Mayor

Date of birth: the 14th of February, 1942

Profession: business magnate, politician

Nationality: United States of America

Source of wealth: Bloomberg LP

Michael Bloomberg’s name has already become a legend in the world of business. He owns a net worth of $42, 5 billion and is included in the list of 10 richest politicians in the world (composed by Moneynation).

Michael Bloomberg is internationally popular as a former Mayor of New York and the owner of 88% stock of Bloomberg LP., the financial data company, which he founded in 80s. Most part of Michael’s impressive net worth comes from his company and of course, he got a solid salary, when served as a Mayor. Bloomberg was elected for this post three times.

Being a business mogul now, in his early years Bloomberg seemed to be an ordinary student. His parents were not rich and nobody of them had business talent. But Michael got interested in management, still being very young. He got diploma at Harvard Business School and started his career as manager at Salomon Brothers. He liked that company and did his best to study its business activity from top to bottom. Soon Michael’s pains were noticed and he was appointed as General Partner.

When Salomon Brothers was bought, Bloomberg got $10 million as a severance payment. With that money and his business acumen he started his own company, which later was transformed into incredibly successful Bloomberg LP.

The company’s income in 2014 was estimated by Forbes as $9 billion. In 2015 Michael’s income from Bloomberg LP was $6, 4 billion (information is given by Forbes).

Michael Bloomberg is known not just as an entrepreneur, but also as a philanthropist. A year ago he donated $4 billion of his income for charity. 

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