Michael Jordan

Michael Jordan Net Worth is $1, 24 Billion


$1, 24 billion


$1, 14 billion


$1, 2 billion


$1, 06 billion


$1, 2 billion

Michael Jordan net worth

Nicknames: Michael Jeffrey Jordan, MJ, Air Jordan

Date of birth: the 17th of February, 1963

Profession: pro basketball player

Nationality: United States of America

Source of wealth: Basketball, Charlotte Bobcats

Michael Jordan Net Worth by Year

(estimated by Moneynation)


$436, 000


$104 million


$502 million


$825 million


$1, 06 billion


Michael Jordan’s name is known to both, fans and non-fans. He is considered as the best basketball player of the era. It is hard to believe, but his status of a unique basketball player didn’t make him too rich. He managed to become the NBA highest-paid player just twice during the years of his career in pro basketball. His average earnings of an athlete were about $90 million (estimated by Forbes). But Michael Jordan reached the billionaire rank later, in 2015, as a talented investor. He owns about 90% of stock of Charlotte Hornets (basketball team).

So, the major part of MJ’s net worth comes from his basketball career and from his investments. But he makes quite a lot by his endorsement contracts too. Michael Jordan owns his own brand, named Jordan Brand, which was produced by the sportswear giant Nike. The star designs and sells shoes and apparel for basketball play, workouts and for everyday life. The brand gained international popularity, so no need to say that Jordan’s pockets are full of money now. MJ endorsed many other companies, like Upper Deck, Gatorade and others too.

Michael Jordan is a role model for many young players. He was keen on basketball since his primary school years. He played for basketball team in college and after his first year was drafted by Chicago Bulls. The athlete left his studying and started to play basketball professionally. Due to his talent and hard work Chicago Bulls got the title of NBA champions 6 times and he himself was awarded with Most Valuable Player title 5 times. 

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