Michelle Obama

Michelle Obama Net Worth is $11, 8 Million



$11, 8 Million


$11, 8 Million



Michelle Obama net worth

Nicknames: Michelle LaVaughn Robinson, First Lady Michelle Obama

Date of birth: the 17th of January, 1964

Profession: lawyer, the former First Lady of USA

Nationality: United States of America

Source of wealth: law

Michelle Obama was called a phenomenon in the White House. She was the first African American, who managed to become the main lady in USA. She was the First Lady in America during 8 years and started a lot of initiatives, which would be continued long after her leave from the White House. A successful lawyer, she managed to save $11, 8 million net worth, but then she left her career without hesitation to support her husband, Barack Obama, when he was elected as the 44th U. S. President. In spite of her very busy public life, Michelle always found enough time for her two daughters.

Michelle LaVaughn Robinson was born in Chicago, Illinois. Having completed high school program, she entered the Princeton University, where she studied Sociology. Later Michelle was educated at Harvard Law School.

Young Michelle Robinson was hired as a lawyer to a Chicago law firm. Soon she became one of the best specialists there. It was she, who was appointed as a mentor for the newcomer Barack Obama. He fell in love with an effective beautiful woman and invited her for dinner. At first Michelle hesitated as she thought, she couldn’t date her ward. It could be wrong from the ethical point of view. But then she agreed and in 1992 the couple tied a knot.

Many people think, that the only reason of Michelle’s popularity is her role of Barack’s wife during the years of his Presidency. But in fact, she was very successful in her career as well. In 1993 Michelle was appointed as executive director for Public Allies (Chicago department). Later she served as Associate Dean at the University of Chicago. During those years she managed to save the major part of her fortune.

During her service as the First Lady, Michelle launched a number of programs, including “Let’s Move”, which had been aimed to battle with children’s obesity.

Probably, Michelle Obama will have enough time to develop her public programs now, when she left the White House. In any case, she remains one of the most effective and most successful first ladies in the White House history.

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