How Much is Mick Foley Worth?

Mick Foley or his real name Michael Francis Foley Sr. is a professional wrestler, writing entrepreneur and sports correspondent who has developed a net worth of $20 million.

He is a multi-talented personality who earned his net worth through his accomplishments in several industries and creating his mark in all of those. He was born and brought up in Bloomington city of Indiana on June 7 1965 and thus making him an American citizen by birth.

He was keen on making athlete course from a very young age. During his high school days in Ward Melville in Suffolk County, he forayed into games like lacrosse and boxing. Foley’s first job was a coach at Dominic DeNucci’s school located in Pennsylvania until he received an invitation from the Memphis-based CWA. Cactus Jack Manson is the first name he chose to go out to the ring.

In addition, under the same name, he later successfully performed for WCCW and UWF. The real breakthrough and tremendous benefit came to him in 1991 when he joined the WCW and showed himself to be one of the best fighters. His unique style has owned him a huge following while gaining an endless list of accolades from critics and respect from his peers.

A few of the most important titles received by him include the Frank Gotch Award, TNA World Heavyweight Championships, three WWF Championships, and eleven tag team titles. After he was retired in 2012, he did not see the point of inaction, so he focused on the writing career. He has written five rewarding memoirs about his life, a series of children’s literature, as well as contemporary fiction books.