Miguel Cabrera

Miguel Cabrera Net Worth is $90 Million



$135 million


$90 million



Miguel Cabrera net worth

Nickname: José Miguel Cabrera Torres, Miggy

Date of birth: the 18th of April, 1983

Profession: baseball player

Nationality: Venezuela

Source of wealth: baseball

Miguel Cabrera is a talented MLB player and a baseman of famous baseball team Detroit Tigers. To his 33rd anniversary he managed to save $90 million net worth. By the way, his net worth is guaranteed to increase in the next few years as Miggy signed 8 year contract with Tigers, estimated as $248 million in March, 2014 (according to Forbes).

The main source of Miguel Cabrera’s income is his salary of MLB player and winning money, which is estimated as $24 million. The other $2, 5 million the stellar player gets from his endorsement contracts. He advertises Chrysler, New Balance, Sony and some other reputable companies.

Miggy’s earnings leaped forward in 2012, when Cabrera was awarded with the Triple Crown. He has become the first player within the last 45 seasons to get that title, which is given for the best performance in three categories within the same season. Miguel Cabrera was the best one in by the batting average (0, 330), homeruns (44) and RBI (139) and that’s why he was awarded with the prestigious Triple Crown, the first player since Carl Yastrzemski, who owned that title in 1968.

Miguel Cabrera’s career and financial success seems incredible to many people, but not for him. He worked hard to achieve his career peak and was considered as incredibly talented player since his primary school years. He debuted in 2000 in minor league as a player of Gulf Coast League Marlins. Soon his talented play helped him become one of the best Marlins players and three years later he started to play for Marlins in the major league. In 2003 he was titled as Rookie of the Year.

Cabrera was signed by Detroit Tigers in 2008 and he is currently playing for this team.

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