How Much is Mike Love Worth?

Mike Love is a prominent rock musician, who has amassed a net worth of $80 million. He made his million-dollar empire selling top-rated music pieces in the industry.

In 1961, at the age of 20, he started his path as a member of The Beach Boys, then-fledgling surf-rock band. Having released their first singles like Surfin’, Ten Little Indians, and Surfer Girl in the innovative rhythm and style, the team quickly took a prominent position in the music field. As of 1966, they unveiled such studio opuses as Pet Sounds and Good Vibrations, which eventually became the most commercially successful albums. These and many other albums have reached golden status.

In the mid-70s, Mike began working on solo projects, but none of them was published. Finally, he went to release his first work, Looking Back with Love (1981), but soon decided to participate in joint projects with Celebration and Mike Dean. In 2018, he presented Reason for the Season, his third studio output featuring his new and unreleased song. The LP reached #6 on Billboard’s Independent Albums Chart. Apart from this, he has also founded Love Foundation for the advancement of nature and academic causes.

Across his entire catalog, Love has sold over 100 million LPs along with his band. He decorated his career with such accolades, as Golden Globes Award, ASCAP and Golden Camera Prizes. As a part of a band, he was also enlisted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and got into the list of 100 best artists of all time, compiled by Rolling Stone with 12th place.