Mike McCarthy biography

Mike McCarthy Net Worth

$7 million

  • Real name / birth name Michael John "Mike" McCarthy
  • Occupation American football coach
  • Source of Wealth American football
  • Country of wealth USA
  • Date of birth November 10, 1963
  • Age 59
  • Zodiac sign Scorpio
  • Birth place Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States
  • Education Baker University
Sources 2018
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https://www.celebritynetworth123.com/richest-athletes/mike-mccarthy-net-worth/ celebritynetworth123.com $7 million

$7 million


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How Much is Mike McCarthy Worth?

If you are the fan of American football, then you should know, that each person, who plays this popular game on a professional level, is unbelievably rich. But what’s about specialists, who work out of the field. For example, how much do football coaches earn?

Our today’s hero is a celebrated football coach. His net worth is about $7 million, and Mike McCarthy salary is $4 million per year. He gets this salary – enviable for most of people on earth – for his job of a head coach for Green Bay Packers.

This team has been playing in NFL since 1919, and it is one of the oldest teams in USA. To perform better than others in NFL, Green Bay Packers (GBP) hired Mike McCarthy to train them. And he used all his energy and all his experience to lead the team to the victory. With Mike McCarthy assistance GBP have won Super Bowl match. The team competed with Pittsburgh Steelers and defeated them in 2011. That match was shown by Fox Channel. Lots of people over the Globe watched it. Advertisement, demonstrated in the breaks, cost $3 million for 30 seconds. As you see, Mike McCarthy and his team made millions of cash, while playing. And the part of it remained in their pockets.

As for now, Mike McCarthy is one of the most high-paid American football coaches in the world. But how did he start his career?

Mike McCarthy Bio and Career

Mike McCarthy was born and raised in Pittsburgh, PE. His father was quite a rich person, and he had never regretted money for his son. McCarthy Sr. made his living as a firefighter and then as a police officer. When he was not busy with chasing criminals, he ran his own bar. In his bar the visitors gained after a long working day, drank beer and watched numerous football matches. Mike McCarthy’s father was the fan of Pittsburgh Steelers. He encouraged small Mike’s interest in American football too.

During his years at Baker University, he played for its team at tight-end position. After graduation from the University, Mike McCarthy served as an assistant for the well-known and respected coach Paul Roger Hacket.

McCarthy started to coach himself in early 1990s. Mike McCarthy occupied the position of GBP head coach in 2006 and has been holding it till now.

It serves as the main source of wealth for him.


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