Mike Piazza

Mike Piazza Net Worth is $80 Million

How rich is Mike Piazza?

Nickname: Michael Joseph Piazza

Date of birth: the 4th of September, 1968

Profession: former baseball player, businessman

Nationality: United States of America

Source of wealth: sports, around sports business

How Much is Mike Piazza Worth?

Everyone, who likes baseball, knows the name of Mike Piazza. He retired from sports a decade ago, but till now fans remember him as one of the best baseball catchers in the world. Mike Piazza net worth is estimated at $80 million. Some sources value him even bigger – $100 million.

The major part of his wealth Mike earned through the salary and bonus money he got from his job of MLB player. In fact, not each player can boast with a solid salary. But Piazza is worth the highest payment, as he has a unique talent. Just have a look at the long list of his achievements!

Mike Piazza played for MBL during 16 seasons. He was ranked as All-Star player 12 times and was awarded with Silver Slugger title 10 times. In addition, Mike Piazza occupies the 47th position in the list of top home run hitters. While being MLB player, Mike hit 427 home runs.

Mike Piazza net worth

During his time in baseball, Piazza played for several teams. The play for such teams as New York Mets and LA Dodgers had the most important impact on his fame and wealth.

Mike Piazza’s MLB career took place in 1997-2007. When Mike turned 39, he felt, that it was the time to leave. The talented athlete wasn’t signed by any team that season, so he made up his mind to retire and start a new page in his life.

As you have guessed, the star Of Mike Piazza’s stature couldn’t rest at home. Of course, he has saved a solid wealth and could simply relax in his huge house with a glass of red wine in his hand. But Piazza made his choice – he started career of a businessman.

In 2016 Mike Piazza invested $3 million to an Italian soccer team. Thus he has become the president of Reggiana FC.

Nowadays Mike Piazza shares his time between a small Italian town Reggio Emilia and his home in Miami. Could he even dream about such a life in his early years?

Mike Piazza in an Italian city Reggio Emilia

Mike Piazza’s Way On Top

In fact, he could, as Mike Piazza was born in a wealthy American family. His father, Vince Piazza, was a multi-millionaire, who made his wealth through selling used cars. His rich father had a great interest in baseball and even attempted to buy MLB team several times. Vince had lots of friends in baseball, including Tommy Lasorda, who used to serve as LA Dodgers manager. It was Tommy, who recommended Mike for the team. Thus he made his debut.

Mike Piazza worked hard in order to play better and better from season to season. But he had never refused from a happy family life. In 2005 he married a Playboy model Alicia Rickter.

Mike Piazza and his wife Alicia Rickter

The couple brings up two daughters and a son. Piazza family resides in Miami.

Mike Piazza House

Mike Piazza house

Celebrities have enough money to build the house of the dream. Mike Piazza can boast with a huge mansion in Miami. His house is situated just on the beach. It consists of 8 bedrooms, 9 bathrooms a well-equipped kitchen and cozy living room.

Piazza’s living room is decorated with a taupe of a sand color. There are soft armchairs and comfortable sofas in the room. Through a huge window the back part of the house is opened.

Mike Piazza house

In the backyard area there’s enough space to relax – to swim in a pool or to look at the ocean, sitting in the armchair.

There’s also a 3-car garage on the mansion’s territory. Like a real car lover, Mike Piazza needs a really big garage!

Mike Piazza house

Mike Piazza Cars

The well-known baseball player opened up in his interview that he had learnt to drive at the age of 14. The son of a car dealer, he has been surrounded by luxurious vehicles since the earliest years. His first car was a red '72 Nova.

Mike Piazza cars

Now there are two large 4-door vehicles in his car park – Mercedes-Benz and a Range Rover. As he tells now, he has always preferred Mercedes cars to any other vehicles.

Mike Piazza car

During his time in New York, he had BMW too. 

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