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Miranda Cosgrove Net Worth

$8 million

  • Real name / birth name Miranda Taylor Cosgrove
  • Occupation actress, singer
  • Source of Wealth television, movies, music
  • Country of wealth USA
  • Date of birth May 14, 1993
  • Age 29
  • Zodiac sign Taurus
  • Birth place Los Angeles, California, United States
Sources 2018
https://www.celebritynetworth.com/richest-celebrities/actors/miranda-cosgrove-net-worth/ celebritynetworth.com $8 million
https://www.therichest.com/celebnetworth/celeb/actress/miranda-cosgrove-net-worth/ therichest.com $7 million
https://answersafrica.com/miranda-cosgrove-age-height-net-worth.html answersafrica.com $10 million

$8 million


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How Much is Miranda Cosgrove Worth?

Young promising actress Miranda Cosgrove is ready to develop. She started from roles in Nickelodeon TV series, which brought her international popularity and solid wealth. Miranda Cosgrove net worth is estimated at $7 million. Having reached solid for her age fortune, Cosgrove is not going to stop. She reasonably moved her way from teen TV shows to big screen movies. Several years later Mir portrayed Rose Halshford in an horror movie “The Intruders”. If you haven’t watched this film yet, choose it for your next Saturday night. And be ready to be scared to death!

Miranda Cosgrove started her career in 2003. Then the girl won the role in Richard Linklater comedy “The School of Rock”. Mir was chosen among thousands of other girls, who dreamed to play in the movie. During her work, 10-year-old actress had a chance to co-star super popular Hollywood entertainers Jack Black and Joan Cusack. The debutant Cosgrove coped with her job perfectly and even was nominated for MTV Movie Award.

So, Miranda got involved into entertaining industry. She had to leave her school in the 6th grade, as she was too busy with her roles. The girl was educated at home.

In 2007 Miranda reached the new level in her career. She portrayed the main heroine in a family TV show “iCarly”. The series about a group of teenagers, who created their own online show, soon gained a huge fan base. Miranda Cosgrove and her colleagues Nathan Kress and Jennette McCurdy were catapulted to stardom. Miranda’s salary reached astonishing $180, 000 per episode.

Around that time Cosgrove developed alternative source of wealth. She took her chances as a singer and presented her debut album. “Sparks Fly” was released in 2010 by Columbia Records. The album occupied 8th position in Billboard 200. Cosgrove sold 36, 000 copies of her disk within the first week only.

Although Miranda has put her career on hold and gets education at University of Southern California, still she appears in new projects occasionally, each time adding to her bank account an amount, which is worth a mint. But was it hard for Miranda to reach her peak?

Miranda Cosgrove Bio and Career

The actress and singer Miranda Cosgrove comes from a family, which has no relation to show business. Her father runs a dry cleaning business and mother stays at home in order to care about her family members.

But Miranda has been keen on entertaining people since she turned 3. Occasionally she was scouted by a talent agent in a restaurant, where Mir came with her parents and started to sing and dance there.

Cosgrove earned her first salary from starring in commercials for McDonald’s. Later she appeared in ads for other companies, but career of a model was not Miranda’s goal. She wanted to be an actress. Her parents took Miranda to various auditions, when finally she won the role in “The School of Rock”.

Nowadays Miranda Cosgrove is known to both, small and adult viewers. The older part of the audience is watching her films, like “The Intruders” and “Crowded”, while children are listening to her voice, which she gave to Despicable Me heroine Margo.

Miranda Cosgrove is totally involved into moneymaking. The reasonable person, she spends her fortune wisely. Cosgrove bought her own house still being in her teens.


iCarly star earned enough after the success of her television projects. She spent around $2, 65 million from her net worth to get a big cozy home for herself. Miranda bought a big roomy mansion in Hollywood Hills. The actress, who is currently single, lives alone in 3,000 sq.ft house. At her disposal there are 3 bedrooms, several bathrooms, a chef kitchen, a living-room etc. Miranda Cosgrove’s house was built in 1952. The actress renovated the old-fashioned mansion and added numerous hi-tech appliances to make her life comfortable.

Cosgrove’s fans know that Miranda took her first driving lesson, while she was filming the 2nd season of “iCarly”. After getting her driving license, Mir bought her first brand car. Nowadays the celebrity is seen at the wheel of Chevrolet. It costs around $65, 000.


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