Naomi Judd

Naomi Judd Net Worth is $25 Million

How rich is Naomi Judd?

Nickname: Diana Ellen Judd

Date of birth: the 11th of January, 1946

Profession: country singer, actress, author

Nationality: United States of America

Source of wealth: music, television, books

How Much is Naomi Judd Worth?

Naomi Judd is a celebrated American country singer, actress and author. In her 71 years old she can be proud of the results of her hard persistent work. Naomi amassed $25 million fortune from selling 20 million copies of her albums and singles. She left her career for a while to cope with Hepatitis C she was diagnosed with.

Now Naomi Judd bolsters her net worth with her acting gigs and selling of self-helping books she had written.

Naomi Judd rose to fame as the member of family duo The Judds. Together with her older daughter Wynona she performed melodic sentimental songs in front of the public, most of which she wrote herself.

The Juds: Wynona Judd and her mothet Naomi Judd

The Judds took part in various music festivals and soon the glory of Judd girls spread all over USA.  Naomi and Wynona recorded their first album in 1984. “Why Not Me”, consisted of 10 songs, got double platinum status. The main album single “Mama He's Crazy” had become Billboard 100 Number One hit.

During 7 years of The Judds activity, Naomi and Wynona presented 15 Number One Billboard hits. They released 5 studio albums, which were certified as gold and platinum. In 1991 The Judds went on their farewell tour. Naomi left her music career because of Hepatitis, and Wynona was going to start performing solo.

Having coped with her disease, Naomi founded the charity organization to support people with Hepatitis. In addition Judd released a number of books, including “Naomi's Guide to Aging Gratefully”, which is sold all over the world and brings Judd a solid income.

Naomi Judd book

Alongside writing, Naomi Judd develops career on television. She was a judge at CMT contest show “Can You Duet” and participated in new Fox cooking series “My Kitchen Rules”. She also made some money through K-Mart endorsements.

So, Naomi Judd enjoys her career and earns a good salary in spite of the fact, she is in her golden age now. But how did she start her way on top?

Naomi Judd’s Way On Top

In fact, Naomi Judd had never thought about becoming popular. She was brought up in an ordinary American family. Her father ruled a gas station and her mother stayed at home and cared about her family members.

Naomi Judd young

Naomi attended a nurse school. At the age of 18 she has already become a mother of Christina Ciminella (later she took a stage moniker Wynona Judd). Four years later Naomi and her husband Michael Ciminella welcomed the second daughter Ashley Ciminella (now a popular actress Ashley Judd).

In 1972 Naomi filed for divorce. She brought up her daughters herself and during many years Judd girls lived in poverty. They hired small inconvenient houses and usually had no money to pay for electricity.

Ashley Judd, Naomi Judd and Wynona Judd

In 1984 Naomi and Wynona found the powerful source of family wealth. They formed The Judds. When Naomi has become much wealthier, she bought a comfortable farm house for her daughters and herself.

Naomi Judd House

Naomi Judd house

The singer and actress Naomi Judd lives in a huge farm house in Leipers Fork. She bought it for $1 million about 20 years ago. 

In fact, Naomi Judd owns 1,000-acre territory. Her daughters, Wynona and Ashley, own houses, which are located at the farm territory too. Thus Naomi can drink a cup of her morning coffee and watch the houses of her children and be sure, both of them are ok.

Each room of Naomi’s house is decorated in different colors. She spends the major part of her free time in red and brown living-room. By the way, she has a movie theater at home.

Naomi Judd house

Naomi Judd’s kitchen looks bright and neat. It is decorated in white colors. The eating-room is also white with a small drop of light blue. The singer has a big round table in the eating-room as thus her family members can look at one another, having dinner.

Naomi Judd house

Naomi Judd had to pass through many troubles on her way to success. But now she seems really peaceful. 

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