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NBA YoungBoy

NBA YoungBoy Net Worth is from $250, 000 to $2 Million

How rich is NBA YoungBoy?

Nickname: Kentrell DeSean Gaulden; Kent

Date of birth: the 20th of October, 1999

Profession: rapper

Nationality: United States of America

Source of wealth: music

How Much is NBA YoungBoy Worth?

How much is NBA YoungBoy worth?

Remember that all great people are going over the edge, and NBA YoungBoy is not an exception. But he managed not to fall down, and it brought him an extremely well-deserved award – money and fame.

The rapper NBA YoungBoy owns a net worth of $2 million (the other source estimates it at $250, 000, which sounds more realistic). The main source of his wealth is music. Luckily for the rapper, his talent to music helped him gain a large fan base, that’s why now he can easily make cash, representing new songs, albums and music videos.

NBA young boy is best known as the person, who performed “38 Baby”. The song, released in 2016, gained more than 71 million views at YouTube. Thus, NBA YoungBoy and two other rappers (who performed with him) were catapulted on top.

NBA YoungBoy is a famous rapper

From that moment NBA YoungBoy glory has been increasing, and the efforts he has put in over his performances have been turning him back with piles of dollars.

As for now, the rapper can boast with a string of hits, including “Life Before Fame”, “Ain't Too Long” and “No Smoke”. The last hit was ranked as gold by RIAA.

NBA YoungBoy hit "No Smoke" was ranked as gold

NBA YoungBoy net worth will only grow, because he is preparing a new album and lots of his fans are looking forward to get it. “Until Death Call My Name” is going to be released in April, 2018.

So, NBA YoungBoy seems to have a bright future. But what’s about his past?

NBA YoungBoy Bio and Career

NBA YoungBoy biography facts

“I have never had good days. Before fame all my days were bad”, the rapper confessed in one of his interviews. NBA YoungBoy is just 18 years old, but he had already passed through numerous disasters. And they made him even stronger.

Born Kentrell DeSean Gaulden, widely known as NBA YoungBoy, grew up in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. He had no parents (the boy’s father was imprisoned for a really long term) and that’s why Kentrell was brought by a grandmother.

It was hard for his granny to cope with an active toddler, and one day she didn’t manage to save him from a dangerous trauma. The boy played fake wrestling with his peers (he was around 4 then) and fell down. It turned out, Kent broke his neck. To treat him, the doctors used pins to fix his head and let the neck to recover. The pins left the scars on his face and back part on his head.

NBA YoungBoy scars

Traumas and other disasters made the rapper’s childhood too dull and painful. But in his teens he found a special hobby, which changed his days for better. At the age of 14 Kent bought a microphone (he found it in WalMart and paid just a couple of dollars for it). Thus, the teenager started to write his own songs and perform them.

To pursue his dream, he left school. This decision made NBA YoungBoy fans to divide into two groups. Some of them blamed the rapper in having “bad pronunciation” and in “counting by his fingers” because of lack of education. The others think, that “teachers tell us to dream about something big, but teach us what they want, which is useless to us”.

NBA YoungBoy left school to start rapping

In any case, NBA YoungBoy had to look for money, when his career of a rapper brought him no income. This road led him to bad people, who convinced the teenager to commit a robbery. He was arrested and sent to a prison in Tallulah, Louisiana.

During his time in prison Kent thought a lot. He wrote his first songs and chose the stage moniker “NBA YoungBoy”, where “NBA” means Never Broke Again.

Currently the rapper puts all his strength and energy to develop his career.

NBA YoungBoy House

NBA YoungBoy house

A lot of fans are interested in NBA YoungBoy personal life and want to see the house he lives at. Currently the rapper is single. He used to date “a bad girl” Danielle Bregoli. He is rumored to have 4 kids with 3 different women.

Nowadays NBA YoungBoy resides in Los Angeles, California. The music star has already bought the house in Biloxi, Ms.

The two-storey mansion is situated in a picturesque calm street. It is secluded by tall trees, which are not sick enough to keep it away from sun rays. The mansion is built of red strong bricks. It has numerous wide windows, which are framed with white plastic and make the house look more festive.

The house has not just numerous rooms and operating premises, but also a spacious garage. They say 12 vehicles can easily fit into it.

NBA YoungBoy Car

NBA YoungBoy car

As NBA YoungBoy used to tell, he owned white Lamborghini. But he lost it in a terrible car accident. The great vehicle costs astonishing $7, 5 million.

Later it turned out, that the rapper was not the car owner. He rented Lambo and then crashed it. NBA YoungBoy was prosecuted for the accident, and was fined for $350, 000. Fortunately, nobody was killed or injured in that car crash.

“You are living too fast. Your life is ahead of you! Just take one day at a time, otherwise you can be killed”, one of his fans wrote to the rapper after his car accident.


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