Nia Vardalos

Nia Vardalos Net Worth is $10 Million

How rich is Nia Vardalos?

Nickname: Antonia Eugenia Vardalos

Date of birth: the 24th of November, 1962

Profession: actress, screenwriter, producer

Nationality: United States of America

Source of wealth: television, movies

How Much is Nia Vardalos Worth?

Nia Vardalos net worth

Do you remember a cute Toula from olive oil-slicked comedy “My Big Fat Greek Wedding”? The actress Nia Vardalos rose to fame mostly due to this project. But she portrayed a number of other interesting heroines too. During the years of her acting activity Nia Vardalos saved $10 million net worth.

In fact, acting is not the only one source of wealth for Nia. She earned the huge part of her millions as a screenwriter and producer too. Vardalos co-wrote scripts for such screen hits as “Connie and Carla”, “Larry Crowne” and some others.

In 2016 Nia Vardalos doubled her earnings, when she released the sequel of “My Big Fat Greek Wedding”. She waited for 14 years till she got ready to write the next part of the hit movie. Vardalos needed to get some “mummy experience” to portray a parent on the screen naturally. It is interesting to know, that Nia refused from using makeup during first scenes of the movie. She knew that each mother had to forget about herself for a while. The actress wanted to look real in her role.

Nia Vardalos project My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2

Nia and her husband, the actor and My Big Fat Greek Wedding co-star Ian Gomez, adopted a daughter Ilaria in 2008. The couple tried to get pregnant through IVF, but their 13 attempts failed. To describe her feelings on the long way to motherhood, Nia wrote a book “Instant Mom”, which was sold worldwide and brought a star some extra wages.

Nia Vardalos with her book "Instant Mom"

Nia Vardalos’s Way On Top

The cute active girl Antonia Eugenia Vardalos knew, that she would become an actress since her school years. Like her famous heroine Toula, she has Greek roots, but most part of her life Vardalos spent in Canada. She entered Toronto's Ryerson University, where she studied theater art, and that very time tried her hand as the actress at Second City Theater Troupe. A little later the young promising star was transferred to Chicago's Second City Troupe and finally, moved to LA.

Nia Vardalos young

Nia Vardalos participated in a number of films and TV shows, which enjoyed modest success. Some of them are “The Drew Carey Show”, “Meet Prince Charming” etc.

Her big break was in 2003, when she presented “My Big Fat Greek Wedding”. Nia portrayed the main heroine in the movie and in addition wrote the script. For her work over the comedy Vardalos got $61, 000. “My Big Fat Greek Wedding” had become the hit of the year and won numerous awards, including Oscar nomination for the best script.

The audience accepted the film with pleasure and was ready to meet the sequel. But Nia felt, she was not ready for it. Supported by her screen love interest John Corbett, Vardalos concentrated on her attempts to become a mother.

Nia Vardalos and John Corbett

She felt, that she was ready to write the next part of the comedy on that very day, when her adopted daughter went to a kindergarten. It took 4 years for Vardalos to write a script. When the script was ready, Nia phoned to John Corbett just on his birthday to announce the great news about the comeback of “My Big Fat Greek Wedding”.

In fact, Nia Vardalos continues to make her career. She appeared in “Grey's Anatomy” and played alongside her husband Ian Gomez and Courteney Cox in “Cougar Town”. But the best moments in her life are connected with home.

Nia Vardalos and her husband Ian Gomez

Nia Vardalos House

Celebrities look like Gods, but they are just people, that’s why calm family life is so important for them. Nia Vardalos and Ian Gomez used to live in a big Hollywood mansion, which they put on sail for almost $4 million.

The house is situated at a spacious territory, surrounded by huge trees and thick bushes. To enter the two-storey house, you should pass through an arched light-brown door.

Nia Vardalos former house

The house interior is as elegant as its exterior. It can boast with the wooden floor, tall walls and wrought-iron balusters.

As you have noticed, Nia Vardalos created her small piece of paradise, where she used to live with her hubby and daughter. 

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