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Nikki Reed Net Worth

$12 million

  • Real name / birth name Nicole Houston Reed
  • Occupation actress, screenwriter, singer
  • Source of Wealth television, movies
  • Country of wealth USA
  • Date of birth May 17, 1988
  • Age 34
  • Zodiac sign Taurus
  • Birth place West Los Angeles, California, United States
Sources 2018 $12 million $12 million $12 million

$12 million


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How Much is Nikki Reed Worth?

If you think, that Ian Somerhalder is the most important reason for all girls all over the world to envy the actress Nikki Reed, than you should read about her net worth. There are people, who can really get that all!

Nikki Reed net worth is $16 million. She made it through her career of an actress. Nikki rose to fame as the leading actress of biopic drama “Thirteen”. Then she was just 14 year old girl and was passing through all challenges of adolescence. By the way, Reed co-wrote the script of the movie too. The film had incredibly small budget, but it had become a first-rate project and turned Nikki into a star. Later she appeared in a number of other projects, which added the young celebrity extra kudos. They are the series “The O.C.”, the movies “Twilight”, “Enter the Dangerous Mind”, “Jack Goes Home” etc.

In addition Nikki tried her hand as a singer and recorded EP “The Best Part” with her ex-husband, a popular musician Paul McDonald. These deals bring the actress a solid wealth, which gives Nikki Reed an opportunity to live really lavish life. But what was her way on top?

Nikki Reed Bio and Career

It is impossible to deny the fact, that the actress Nikki Reed has gained international popularity. At the same time, her career of an actress is just developing and probably, she will get more interesting offers from producers in future.

By the way, Reed had never planned to become an actress. She was brought by a single mother, who earned her living as a cosmetologist. No need to say, that the girl’s life was not so rich in her early years.

In her primary school age Nikki Reed was a perfect pupil. She spent her days, reading books and doing her homework. But when she reached her teen age, Nikki tried everything she could, starting from drugs and ending with boys and alcohol parties.

Finally Nikki Reed left her mother’s home. She lived alone and finally felt she had chosen the wrong way. It inspired Nikki Reed to write the script, which later was turned into a movie “Thirteen”.

Nikki’s father, who had become an art director, introduced his daughter to the film maker Catherine Hardwicke. She helped Reed with the script and offered her to try her hand as the leading actress.

Thus Nikki started her way on top. Her star status was cemented, when she portrayed another popular heroine – Rosalie – in “Twilight Saga”.

Nikki Reed achieved her career peak, but during the last year she hadn’t appeared in any new film. The reason is the new role, which God prepared for an actress. Nikki has become a mother. Ian Somerhalder and Nikki Reed welcomed their first daughter Bodhi on the 25th of July, 2017.


It is not known exactly, where Nikki and Ian live just now. But the couple owns several luxurious houses and vehicles. By the way, Nikki Reed has become much richer after the divorce to the musician and former American Idol star Paul McDonald. The couple separated after 3 years of marriage and filed for divorce in 2014. According to Paul and Nikki’s agreement, the actress got 3 houses and 3 luxurious vehicles. Reed chose cars and houses, but refused from spousal support.

Nikki didn’t publicize, what houses she got from her ex, but told about the cars. The beautiful actress has become the happy owner of Toyota Tundra ($36, 000), Range Rover ($37, 000) and Toyota Rav4 ($27, 000).

So, Nikki got a lot from her marriage to McDonald, which actually lasted less than a year (although the couple filed for divorce three years later). The reason of the separation was based on money and fame. Two celebrities, Nikki and Paul, wanted to develop their careers, not to build the calm family life.


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