Nora Ephron biography

Nora Ephron Net Worth

$40 million

  • Real name / birth name Nora Louise Ephron
  • Occupation ournalist, writer, and filmmaker
  • Source of Wealth books, movies
  • Country of wealth USA
  • Date of birth May 19, 1941
  • Date of death June 26, 2012 (71 years)
  • Zodiac sign Taurus
  • Birth place New York City, New York, United States
Sources 2018 $40 million $40 million

$40 million


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How Much is Nora Ephron Worth?

“I look out of the window and see the lights, and the horizon line, and people who are rushing in all directions, searching for something. Someone is looking for a new job, someone needs new love, and the others want to find the best chocolate biscuit in the world. And my heart dances with happiness, when I look at all of them”. These words, which one day Nora Ephron told in her interview, prove that she loved her life and enjoyed each minute of it.

Nora Ephron passed away on a hot summer day in 2012. Lots of Hollywood stars, such as Steven Spielberg, Meg Ryan and many others came to say their last “good-bye”.

Nora Ephron left her sons, Jacob and Max Bernstein, $40 million net worth. She saved her wealth through writing, directing and producing.

Nora started her career as a journalist and author, but rose to fame as a screenwriter. No doubt, you have watched at least one of Nora Ephron romantic comedies, which received numerous awards. She wrote scripts to “When Harry Met Sally…”, “My Blue Heaven”, “You’ve Got Mail” and other films, which have become the classical samples of romantic genre.

She not only had written most of her films, but also produced and directed them. Very often her screen works turned into hits and brought Nora a huge profit.

In 1975 Nora Ephron published a book, named “Crazy Salad: Some Things About”. Till the last days of her life she got passive income from the book.

Thus, she saved a solid wealth and left it to her kids. And her great films and books she left to humanity.

Nora Ephron Bio and Career

Born Nora Louise Ephron had seen the world for the first time on a warm evening in May 1941. Her parents, Henry and Phoebe Ephron, had except for Nora three other girls. They worked as screenwriters, so writing had been the inseparable part of Nora Ephron life since childhood.

When Nora turned 4, her family moved from New York City to Beverly Hills, CA. There the girl attended a prestigious Beverly Hills High and then entered Wellesley College in Massachusetts.

During her years in College Nora tried her hand as a writer. She posted articles in a college newspaper.

After graduation Nora Ephron served as an intern in the White House, when John Kennedy stayed there.

The young journalist wrote for various reputable issues, such as “Newsweek”, “Esquire” and “Times”. She debuted as a screen writer in 1973, when wrote for the series “Adam’s Rib”.

Nora Ephron romantic comedies helped the actors Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks propel their careers. They starred in several Nora Ephron movies, and till now are considered as the best romantic duo on TV.

The writer Nora Ephron was married three times. Her first husband was the novelist Dan Greenburg and the second husband was a scandalous journalist Carl Bernstein, with whom she had two sons, and who cheated her.

Till her last breath Nora had been together with her third husband Nicholas Pileggi, a famous screenwriter.

Let’s have a look at Nora Ephron residence.


Nicholas and Nora bought the beautiful mansion in the Upper East Side, NY in 2008. From that year and till her death Ephron resided there. In 2012, soon after the writer’s death, her residence was put on market for $6, 7 million.

Nora Ephron used to live in a beautiful home, which consisted of a living-room, several bedrooms, a spacious bathroom and well-equipped kitchen.

Have a look at Nora Ephron living room. The person of light, Nora Ephron chose white, beige and light brown colors for her living-room.

The premise was furnished with great taste. There was a soft couch in the room, several comfortable armchairs, which stood around black glass table. The fireplace was situated near one of the walls. Huge floor-to-ceiling-windows let the light easily come into the room.

Nora Ephron spent great time there. She was a really great and kind person and lots of her friends and relatives missed her so much!


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