Norman Lear biography

Norman Lear Net Worth

$50 million

  • Real name / birth name Norman Milton Lear
  • Occupation TV producer, film director, TV writer, politician
  • Source of Wealth television, movies
  • Country of wealth USA
  • Date of birth July 27, 1922
  • Age 100
  • Zodiac sign Leo
  • Birth place New Haven, Connecticut, United States
Sources 2018 $50 million $50 million $40 million

$50 million


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How Much is Norman Lear Worth?

We like to read about celebrities, collect gossips and discuss their red-carpet dresses. But there are celebs, which can’t be discussed at a tea party or can’t be read about during the dinner in a café – they are too complicated for that. Norman Lear is that kind of a popular person. He, who has already achieved his 95th age mark, is not going to cede the stage. He, who saved $50 million net worth, has already achieved that level of welfare, when the person understands, money is not the most important thing in the world.

Currently Norman Lear doesn’t need to earn his living. But he is still active – mostly as a politician and human rights activist. The founder of “People for the American Way” advocacy group, he still believes for the best future of his country, calling current US President Donald Trump “The Middle Finger” at the same time.

His life is worth to be written and filmed about – and modern filmmakers know it. Not long ago Heidi Ewing and Rachel Grady presented documentary film about our today’s hero, named “Norman Lear: Just Another Version of You”. The movie told about the long way of Norman Lear, which started from his low-paid job at Coney Island and then reached multi-million salary, having released several ground-breaking series, such as “All in the Family”, “Sanford and Son”, “Maude” etc.

Norman Lear made his wealth mostly through his jobs of a producer and film director. He continues working till now. In 2017 he presented the new series “One Day at a Time”. So, how did the legendary personality Norman Lear start his career way?

Norman Lear Bio and Career

In his early years Norman Milton Lear couldn’t even dream about multi-million wealth and recognition. He was brought up in a poor American family of Jeanette and Herman Lear, which made the ends meet, working at sales. Once his father sold fake bonds and was caught by the hand. Herman was sent to prison, and his mother sent a schoolboy Norman to her parents to cope with family disaster.

Later Norman Lear told in his interview, that he tried to understand his father and their family situation. His parents were used as prototypes for his famous All in the Family heroes Archie Bunker (portrayed by Carroll O’Connor) and Edith Bunker (portrayed by Jean Stapleton).

Norman studied at Weaver High School and then entered Emerson College (Boston), which he dropped out and joined the US Air Forces. Lear established himself as a skilful pilot and was awarded with the Air Medal.

Having left the army in 1945 Norman Lear found a job of a TV writer. He wrote for a number of comedy shows at first, but they were not too successful with public.

In early 1970s Norman Lear presented his own project, which made him a star. In fact, at first “All in the Family” had quite low ratings and was close to become failure, but gradually it gained recognition and won numerous Golden Globes and other awards.

Currently Norman Lear joins his work of a producer with political activity. He has always been interested in social problems of working class families and he depicted them in his shows.


Nowadays Norman Lear lived in a stunning mansion in Brentwood, LA. A year ago he put it on sale for $55 million. They say, the cult TV producer wanted to buy a lavish apartment instead. Several month later the price of the house was reduced to almost $40 million. Probably, Norman plans to sell his estate faster.

Are you wondering, what does Lear has in his house to rank it so high? In fact, there are several buildings on the territory of his mansion – the main residence and several houses for guests.

In the main house, where the TV legend spent the most part of is life, there are 7 bedrooms, a theater room, a well-equiped kitchen, several bathrooms and a living-room, which is worth of a real writer. The room is big and lit with a sunlight, which comes through the huge square windows. The living-room is furnished in classical style. There’s a soft big sofa, which stands just in front of the fireplace, a small wooden table near it and a cozy armchair, where probably Norman spent lots of calm working evenings.

When the weather is warm, there’s no mood to stay in the house. That’s why there’s a comfortable terrace with several neat dinner tables. It is so plesant to eat outside from time to time.

On the territory of the estate there’s 35-car garage. There Norman Lear put lots of lavish cars he bought on his earnings from his incredibly successful series.


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