Olivia Newton John

Olivia Newton John Net Worth is $40 Million



$40 million


$40 million



Olivia Newton John net worth

Nickname: Olivia Newton-John

Date of birth: the 26th of September 1948

Profession: singer, actress, entrepreneur

Nationality: Australia

Source of Wealth: music

Olivia Newton John is a celebrated Australian-English singer and actress, whose career peak was in 70-80s years of former century. She is responsible for numerous hits, 15 of them reached the leading places in Billboard hot 100. Olivia’s career success was proved by her high earnings. She toured with her concert shows, sold her records, played roles in the hit movies and participated in lucrative endorsement deals (like Kellogg food products). Her hard work and talent helped her save $40 million net worth.

Olivia Newton-John was born in a rich and well-educated family. Her grandfather, Max Born, was a famous physics and Nobel laureate, and her father was a military officer. Olivia was musically talented and in her teens founded a pop band together with her classmates in Australia. The band won the prize at the local show of young talents.

Having graduated from school, she returned to England with her mother and started her career of a professional actress and singer. Olivia glorified her name with a hit “If Not For You”. The young star released several other hits like “Long Live Love” and “I Honestly Love You”.

Alongside career of a pop singer, Olivia reached some success as an actress too. She participated in the movies “Grease”, “Two of a Kind”, “A Christmas Romance” and it increased her fame and income.

In 1992 Olivia Newton John got bad news. The star had a breasts cancer. From that moment her life changed and she forgot about her career. Her earnings decreased. 

Now the actress and singer is still active and appears in various concerts and TV shows. She recorded a song “You Have to Believe” together with her daughter and it occupied the leading place in Billboard Hot 100 Australia.

The star spends her money not just for herself but for numerous charity organizations too. She is a well known animal rights activist.

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