Patrick Schwarzenegger biography
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Patrick Schwarzenegger Net Worth

$6 million

  • Real name / birth name Patrick Arnold Shriver Schwarzenegger
  • Occupation model, actor, entrepreneur
  • Source of Wealth fashion, endorsements, movies, Project360
  • Country of wealth USA
  • Date of birth September 18, 1993
  • Age 29
  • Zodiac sign Virgo
  • Birth place Los Angeles, California, United States
Sources 2018 $6 million $1.5 million

$6 million


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How Much is Patrick Schwarzenegger Worth?

Huge blue eyes, high cheekbones and soft blonde hair – Patrick Schwarzenegger looks like an angel, who occasionally has fallen from sky on Earth. And his “falling” turned to be very successful, as he had struck directly to the family of two celebs, Maria Shriver and Arnold Schwarzenegger. His net worth is estimated as $1 million. But Patrick has never had a strong financial motivation. He used to tell in his interview to Page Magazine, that he was taught from his earliest years not just to take, but also to give back. That’s why Patrick spends the major part of his income for charity.

Patrick Schwarzenegger gets income as a model, actor and entrepreneur. Most part of his wealth comes from his work of a model. Being the son of such beautiful people, Patrick inherited his father’s athletic skills, towering height and wide chest bone. He took from his mother his beautiful eyes and hair. Patrick’s physical beauty and magnetism was noticed by representatives of LA Models and at the age of 18 Patrick signed the lucrative deal. The ex-California governor’s son appeared in Hudson Jeans campaign. The billboards with shirtless Patrick hang everywhere, and his handsome face and strong body were admired by lots of people.

Currently Schwarzenegger Jr continues making money as a model. He plans to participate in Armani and Ralph Lauren ads. Not long ago Maria Shriver’s son advertised Tom Ford eyewear with another popular young model Gigi Hadid.

But what is about following his famous father’s path and becoming an actor? As Patrick tells, he had never made any plans. But he has already appeared in a number of movies and feels, that acting is his cup of tea. The young man starred in “Stuck in Love”, “Scouts Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse”, “Go North” etc. The actor got a solid salary for his play.

Patrick Schwarzenegger gets profit from Project360 (his brand) as well. The company deals with clothes and accessories, which are sold in USA and abroad. So, Patrick can just relax and enjoy his income.

Patrick Schwarzenegger Bio and Career

Many people smile ironically, when they hear about Patrick’s way on top. Probably, he has already reached his peak on the day of his birth in 1993. Schwarzenegger Jr doesn’t make a secret from the fact that his parents helped him start his Project360, when he was just 15. The young man is proud of his family. His father and mother tried their best to give the son a good start.

Patrick visited Brentwood High School and joined his studying with running his own business. Having graduated from school, he entered the University of Southern California. Patrick rose to fame after a hot Hudson Jeans billboard, where he had appeared half-naked.

Nowadays Patrick continues modeling and is becoming involved into acting.


Till his 23rd birthday Patrick Schwarzenegger lived in his mother’s house. Probably, he felt, it was the time to go out of the parents’ nest and start living by his own. Not long ago Patrick and his mother, Maria Shriver, were noticed hunting for a house in West Hollywood.

The two celebs met a realtor and they looked around the new house. It is not known exactly, if Patrick signed the papers and bought the house, but he looked very content and shook hands with realtor.

The house is built of grey and white stone. It has two storeys and looks very neat and modern. The high walls of the house prove, the rooms inside are spacious. There are huge rectangular windows on the walls. The house can boast with several balconies. Hopefully, Patrick has bought this house and soon he will drive his red Dodge here.

The elegant and stylish Patrick Schwarzenegger has chosen the car, which suits him perfectly. He owns red shining Dodge Challenger.

In fact, Dodge is not the typical choice of such a young man, like Patrick. The car looks great, but quite old-fashioned. Why does Patrick Schwarzenegger like it? Probably, the bold red color caught the eye of a rising star. Otherwise he was attracted by its robust engine.

In any case, this beautiful car model lives in Patrick’s garage. He is lucky, isn’t he?


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