Patty Hearst biography

Patty Hearst Net Worth

$45 million

  • Real name / birth name Patricia Hearst Shaw; Patricia Campbell Hearst
  • Occupation heiress, actress, criminal
  • Source of Wealth inheritance
  • Country of wealth USA
  • Date of birth February 20, 1954
  • Age 68
  • Zodiac sign Aquarius
  • Birth place San Francisco, California, United States
  • Education University of California, Berkeley
Sources 2018 $45 million $45 million $45 million $45 million

$45 million


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How Much is Patty Hearst Worth?

What would you do, if you had $45 million net worth? Would you spend it for classy cars, jewelry, luxe cosmetics or vacations? And would you rob banks, if you were the holder of multi-million wealth?

But rich people have their own weird things. Patty Hearst net worth is estimated at $45 million. She was born rich. Her family started to accumulate the wealth in 19th century, when Patty’s grandfather – celebrated William R. Hearst – had become a newspaper magnate.

Patty’s father inherited the Hearst Media Empire. Patty had everything she wanted from her earliest childhood. So, why did she choose robbery as the source of her wealth?

Patty Hearst Bio and Career

Patty Hearst had been a typical rich girl before she was kidnapped by terrorists from SLA (Symbionese Liberation Army) in 1974. She studied at a prestigious school, and then attended the University of California. She resided in Benvenue Avenue flat with her boyfriend and thought, that everything in her life was planned in advance.

But on a cold winter day she was kidnapped. What happened after that remains the mystery till now. Patty Hearst was closed in a closet during 5 months. She was raped by the band members and brain-washed at the same time.

SLA considered themselves as so-called modern Robin Hoods. They took Patty Hearst for one reason only – she was a rich heiress. SLA members connected with Hearst father and made him donate $2 million for starving families in California.

American people sympathized Patty Hearst. But their feelings changed, when they saw the girl with a gun over her shoulder. She participated in the robbery of Hibernia bank and was caught by security camera.

Later the girl recorded the speech, where she told, that she supports SLA goals and its violent methods to achieve them. She explained that she was involved into the robbery by her own free will. Patty called her parents “rich pigs’ and changed her name for Tania.

After that Patty-Tania participated in other crimes, arranged by the band. She robbed several banks and started the firefight at LA sport goods store. During one of the robberies Patty Hearst was caught by FBI.

The girl’s family hired the best lawyer to help their daughter avoid punishment. From that moment patty Hearst started to tell about all the tortures she had to pass after her kidnapping. She was considered as the person with Stockholm Syndrome (when the victim starts loving her offenders).

In spite of her position of a victim, Patty Hearst was convicted to 25 years of prison. Later Jimmy Carter, then-US President, shortened her prison term. Patty Hearst left prison in 1979. In 2001 Bill Clinton granted her a pardon.

Till now Patty Hearst story remains one of the most original in the world. Some people sympathize with her, while the others consider her as a liar. Bill Harris, ex SLA member, tells that Patty was in relationships with William Lawton Wolfe, who was killed in a gunfight during one of the robberies. Thus, it’s possible, that Patty Hearst committed crimes voluntarily and then used her privileged position to avoid the punishment.


In any case, Patty Hearst lives a rich and comfortable life now. She was married to a lifeguard Bernard Shaw. The couple has become to two daughters. In 2013 Bernard Shaw passed away. The reason of his death was cancer.

Patty has bought a beautiful apartment for herself and her family members. It is situated in a small town of Carlyle.

The flat consists of 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. There’s also a spacious living-room, which windows look at picturesque Madison Avenue. Patty Hearst was rumored to pay about $1, 3 million for her luxurious residence.

As you see, the ex-criminal and victim Patty Hearst enjoys her life. Her story served as the base for various books and movies.


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