Paula Abdul Net Worth

Paula Abdul Net Worth is $30 Million

How rich is Paula Abdul?

Nickname: Paula Julie Abdul

Date of birth: the 19th of June, 1962

Profession: singer, actress, dancer, TV host

Nationality: United States of America

Source of wealth: music, television

How Much is Paula Abdul Worth?

The music star of the first caliber, TV personality and dance-icon, Paula Abdul is the role model for all people all over the world, who dream to become successful in the area of their interest. The girl, who started from sketch as the unknown band dancer, reached Musical Olympus, passed through numerous falls and downs and till now remains one the most recognizable music faces of the epoch.

Paula Abdul net worth is estimated at $30 million. The star earned money through her career of a musician, later as an actress and TV personality.

She rose to fame in 1988, when she released her debut album “Forever Your Girl”. Around that time Abdul presented music video to the main single of the album. The video, mostly made in white-black colors, presented slim and light Paula, who taught a small girl to dance. Abdul looked so hot, making all those dance movements, and impressed the viewers with her strong crystal voice.

Paula Abdul in  Forever Your Girl music video

The album was ranked as platinum and Paula Abdul enjoyed her first really high income.

After that the singer Paula Abdul released two other albums. Her wealth grew like mushrooms after rain, but like many other stars, Paula couldn’t bear the burden of public attention and responsibility of an A list celebrity. She made one mistake after another, experimented with drugs and lost the interest of the audience.

After that Paula Abdul stayed several years in a shadow. The star’s net worth decreased from year to year. She still got some income from her albums selling and appeared in a number of movies and TV series, like “Spin City”, “The Waiting Game” and some others.

Paula Abdul and Simon Cowell at American Idol

The next wave, which had returned Paula Abdul to stardom and had brought her a solid salary, was the regular work of a judge at “American Idol”. The talent show, which gave the world several modern music stars, like Kelly Clarkson and Carrie Underwood, revived Paula Abdul’s career. Her salary of American Idol judge was estimated at $2, 5 million.

Paula Abdul and Carrie Underwood

Unfortunately, Paula Abdul was fired from the show after its 8th season and was replaced by Ellen DeGeneres. She demanded $20 million for her comeback, but producers didn’t agree to pay.

Now Paula Abdul participates in other talent shows and has returned to music career.

Paula Abdul’s Way On Top

Paula Abdul young

The talented girl Paula Abdul has never thought about becoming a celebrity and a millionaire. She was born in San Fernando, California. Paula Abdul took music and dancing lessons since her primary school age. She has a unique appearance – the woman had a hot petite body, soft long hair, huge eyes and full lips.

The beauty earned her first salary as Los-Angeles Lakers cheerleader. The next stage of her career took place in 1980s, when she choreographed several music videos of The Jackson 5.

How Much is Paula Abdul Worth?

In late 1980s Paula started her own music career.

Paula Abdul House

Paula Abdul house

If you envy celebs, which live in huge expensive mansions, you should know their life isn’t always so great. Paula Abdul doesn’t feel safe in her lavish LA house, that’s why she put it on sale. One of singer’s fans committed a suicide near her home. After that Paula Abdul couldn’t feel safe in her residence.

Paula’s house looks really great. It stays like a small gem just in the middle of the cozy garden. The house is not as big as other celebs have, but Paula lives alone, so 5 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms must be enough for her.

The house is entered through a massive wooden door. The entrance to the home is decorated with two columns and a roof, which stays over them.

To relax after a long working day, the star takes a swim in a pool, which is situated just in front of the house.

As Paula thinks, her home has a bad karma, she sells it for $1, 9 million.

Paula Abdul Car

Paula Abdul car

The star Paula Abdul deserves everything the best. That’s why she bought Mercedes-Benz. The vehicle of glancing black color costs $30, 000, which sounds a little too much for many ordinary people. But that’s Paula Abdul for all that!

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