How Much is Pete Wentz Worth?

Pete Wentz is an acclaimed pop-punk artist and talented multi-instrumentalist whose approximated net worth is $16 million. He acquired that wealth and wide recognition among aficionados through unveiling several successful pieces of music.

Pete felt fulfilled whenever he played music, so he tried himself in various Chicago underground hardcore bands like Arma Angelus, Culture of Violence, Extinction, Forever Ended Today and more. The turning point in his life was in 2001 when he created the pop-rock band Fall Out Boy, which has become one of the most remarkable of its kind. The group wrote and released a demo tape with three songs by its own forces, and in 2002, they found a label that agreed to release their first EP.

Soon afterward, under the guidance of Fueled by Ramen, they unveiled their debut full-length album “Take this to your grave”, which was listed in the top 10 independent sales ratings. As of 2005, Wentz’s hit-lyric called Sugar, We’re Going Down with a band, got Number 8 on authoritative Billboard Top 100; for the music video for this song, the band was awarded MTV Video Music Awards.

Apart from this, he augmented his wealth due to owning Clandestine Industries, best known as a business concern, which delivers clothing as well as books. He also made scoring music for television and films. Among them, a worthy place is occupied by such acclaimed projects as Supernatural (2005), The Hills (2007-2008), The Last House on the Left (2009), A Documentary of Life (2012), The Masked Singer (2019) and more.