Peyton Manning biography

Peyton Manning Net Worth

$400 million

  • Real name / birth name Peyton Williams Manning
  • Occupation ex-American Football player; businessman
  • Source of Wealth sports, business
  • Country of wealth USA
  • Date of birth March 24, 1976
  • Age 46
  • Zodiac sign Aries
  • Birth place New Orleans, Louisiana, United States
Sources 2018 $200 million $400 million $200 million

$400 million


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How Much is Peyton Manning Worth?

The son of legendary Archie Manning and the brother of Eli Manning, Peyton saved $200 million net worth to his still young age. The main source of his wealth was sports. He played American football for NFL and won two Super Bowls, nine ESPY Awards, four Most Valuable Players titles. He retired in spring, 2016 with millions of dollars on his account. According to Forbes, total Peyton Manning’s career earnings are close to whooping $400 million. He made $19 million during his last season only, having got a guaranteed $15 million salary and $4 million bonus for leading his team to Super Bowl victory. Peyton Manning’s salary might seem enormous to you, but it is not, if to take into consideration the fact, that Peyton Manning set a number of records during his years in American football, such as passing yards, game-winning drives etc.

Manning made profitable endorsement deals, which influenced positively his level of wealth. He partnered with Nike, Gatorade and Papa Jones’ pizza.

Peyton Manning doesn’t need to earn money for living nowadays. But he got used to being active, that’s why he can’t just stay at home and spend his money for entertainment. He developed a number of other activities, which bring him both, income and satisfaction.

The ex-American football star collaborated with his father and brother Eli and founded the Manning Passing Academy. Each summer young boys, who dream to become pro football players, come to the Academy and learn from Peyton and his relatives. No need to say, that this venture brings the ex- athlete piles of dollars.

In addition he tried his hand as a show host. In July, 2017 he hosted ESPY Awards ceremony. He tried his hand as an occasional actor and appeared in Rob Lowe show “Comedy Central”. Thus, Peyton Manning keeps enjoying his after-sport life. But how did he start his career?

Peyton Manning Bio and Career

The stellar quarterback Peyton Manning was born in a family of a famous American football player Archie Manning and his wife Olivia. Peyton showed his obvious talent to playing football in his school years. To the time of his graduation from Isidore Newman High School about 60 colleges made an attempt to hook him.

Peyton made his choice and entered at the University of Tennessee, where he established himself as the star of University team. He started to play professionally in 1998 as the member of Indianapolis Colts team. He played successfully for the team during 11 seasons and won his first Super Bowl in 2007, but then made a break to cure after neck injury. Peyton missed 2011 season, but managed to come back as Denver Broncos quarterback. He signed $96 million deal for 5 years, but retired in 2016, a month after winning his second Super Bowl. Currently Peyton Manning shares his time between business activity and family life. He is married to Ashley Manning and they have two children together: Marshal Williams and Mosley Thompson.


The legendary American football player lives in a big mansion, situated in Cherry Hills Village. Peyton spent $4, 75 million for his residence, which is a small part of his incredibly big mansion.

Manning enjoys his retirement in 7-bedroom and 10-bathroom house. To cover his private life from paparazzi eyes, the territory of the estate is gated with an iron fence. The yard looks so positive, decorated with bright flowers and big green bushes.

While the strangers can admire the house just from outside, Peyton’s closest friends and family members are invited inside too. The interior of the mansion is as good-looking as its exterior. Have a look at the central hall! It is decorated in light brown and beige tints and can boast with a soft carpet, big light chandeliers and a cozy fireplace.

In addition there are other useful premises in the mansion, including kitchen, family-room, bathroom and study.

In the back part of the estate there’s 7-car garage.

The person with multi-million salary can afford to buy the best vehicles in the world. Peyton Manning owns a solid car collection. Among his autos there are Cayman, Toyota Camri etc. He also tested Buick Verano as advertising.


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