Peyton Manning Wife: In Her Husband’s Shadow

Peyton Manning Wife Ashley Thompson

Football lovers know Peyton Manning, the retired NFL player, great quarterback and holder of numerous awards. But not everyone knows a woman, who stays behind his success, his wife of 16 years Ashley Thompson-Manning. Although the woman hasn’t made an outstanding career and stayed in her husband’s shadow, Ashley deserves public attention, as it was she, who supported Peyton, while he was moving his path on top.

Who is Ashley Manning?

Ashley Manning’s born name is Louisa Ashley Thompson. She spent her early years in Memphis alongside three siblings. Her mother was a homemaker and her father was an investment banker.

 Ashley is a well-educated person. She studied commerce and management at a business school. She wedded a young football player Peyton Manning in 2001 and from that moment Ashley didn’t make her own career. But she devoted her free time to charity. The woman is busy with service at “The Peyback Foundation” (she founded this foundation with her husband). This charity organization is aimed to help disabled children. Ashley and Peyton founded it soon after Manning had started his NFL career. As a mother of 2, Ashley understands the importance of disadvantaged children support. Probably, her kindness was that feature her husband loved in Ashley’s nature most of all, when they had just met.

How Did Ashley and Peyton Manning Meet?

Ashley and Peyton Manning met in 1993. Then Ashley was 19 and her future husband was a little younger. They were introduced to each other by a mutual friend  – Ashley’s neighbor, who thought, two young people fit one another.

Ashley Thompson and Peyton Manning wedding

And he was right! Peyton and Ashley started dating and then wedded in 2001. Ten years later the couple has become parents of 2 twins.

Ashley is a beautiful woman and she is always noticeable at red carpet events. Nevertheless she is a rare guest at various parties or public dinners. As Ashley used to tell, she is “incredibly private”, that’s why she prefers to stay aside from her husband’s popularity. One of Ashley’s most effective looks was in 2007, when she attended the State Dinner in Honor of Queen Elizabeth II.

Ashley Thompson and Peyton Manning at State Dinner

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