How Much is Phil Anselmo Worth?

American vocalist, composer, entrepreneur and a key figure in heavy metal music Phil Anselmo has amassed a net worth of $6 million. He earned such a great wealth mainly by dint of his accomplishments in the music career.

His fascination for rock began in his early years. At the age of nine, he got a guitar, but he was not interested in learning other people’s songs and from the very beginning, he tried to compose his own. He was not engrossed in education either, and, having left school, he completely plunged into the world of hard music. In 1988, the artist signed a contract with the Pantera group, where he replaced a vocalist.

With his arrival, the band acquired its own corporate style of sounding and huge recognition among aficionados. The real breakthroughs occurred after releasing such outings as Cowboys From Hell in the year of 1990 and Vulgar Display of Power in 1992. However, in 2003, members of the last group announced its collapse. Phil always had his eye on a solo endeavor. In 1991, he founded a group called Down, simultaneously participating in Pantera. He also devoted his time to developing the Superjoint Ritual, where he unveiled three studio outings.

Other than that, he came into view with the collective under the title Philip H. Anselmo & The Illegals. Over the time, he proved to be a remarkable musician. The copies of his opuses have been sold all over the world. Additionally, he has headlined many tours and was also the founder of his own record label Housecore Records that add to his pocket.