Pokimane biography

Pokimane Net Worth

$900 thousand

  • Real name / birth name Imane Anys
  • Occupation social media star
  • Source of Wealth Twitch, YouTube
  • Country of wealth USA
  • Date of birth May 14, 1996
  • Age 27
  • Zodiac sign Taurus
  • Birth place Morocco
Sources 2017 2018
https://naibuzz.com/much-money-pokimane-makes-youtube-net-worth/ naibuzz.com $900 thousand
https://articlebio.com/pokimane articlebio.com $700 thousand
https://celebsroll.com/pokimane/ celebsroll.com $60 thousand

$900 thousand


0 kg. gold


0 Bitcoin

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How many years will it take you to accumulate $14 million?
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You will earn $900 thousand in
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How Much is Pokimane Worth?

How many hours per day do you work? Do you feel tired in the evening? How do you think, is it possible to get some extra income, probably, higher than your salary, doing almost nothing? Do you believe that it’s possible to get such a gift from God?

Probably, for you it’s just a sweet dream, but for Pokimane it has already become a reality. She makes cash, just moving with the mouse cursor and playing.

Do you want to earn cash in the same way? Then, you should become a Twitch star.

Pokimane registered at Twitch several years ago. In March, 2014 she joined YouTube. Now the girl has more than half a million of subscribers. And every single day her channel becomes more and more popular.

At Twitch and at YouTube Poki tries to entertain her viewers playing various games, arranging mukbangs (eating lots of food or some untasty food in front of the camera) and uploading Dr. Phil episodes (the show, which made Danielle Bregoli popular).

Thus, Poki managed to develop a large fan base, and now she makes cash from endorsements and views on her channels.

A Twitch star Pokimane

Pokimane source of wealth seems too simple for most of people. But keep in mind, that launch a channel can everyone, but to become a star you need that something, which differ you from the others. Poki is really beautiful and charismatic. In addition, she is very opened with her fans, never gets tired to answer their comments and stays connected with each her viewer. And it turns her back with cash.

Pokimane Bio and Career

Pokimane biography facts

Poki real name is Imane Anys. She was born in Morocco, but currently resides in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, where she studies at McMaster University. The girl majors in Chemistry. In fact, Imane is not just a successful player, she is a very intelligent girl, and her fans like that her feature. She doesn’t look like other YouTube girls, who pump up their lips and speak about beauty routine only.

As for now, Imane is focused on her social media career. She considers the possibility to take a break from her real life profession and play full time.

The rich star doesn’t tell about her personal life on the cam. But she mentioned that she has a brother.

Imane hasn’t bought a house yet. But she showed the room she lives at in the dormitory of McMaster University.


Pokimane home (room in a dorm)

There’s no need to convince you, that a cozy home is an important part of people’s life. Poki has just one room, but she never regrets time to make it beautiful and comfortable. She furnished and decorated the room according to her own taste. From designer’s point of view it’s something unique.

The room walls are purely white. Pokimane residence is not big, but the girl used each square meter of it wisely. Near one of the walls she put a cozy bed of middle size. The bed is covered with soft blue blanket. There’s a calendar, which hangs on the wall directly above Poki’s bed and several unusual pics near it. To the left of Poki’s bed there’s a small table, which is covered with various beauty products – cream, lotion, nail polish etc.

Near the other wall there’s so called “working area” – a table with two computers on it, the umbrella, which helps to create the right lighting, and headphones.

Pokimane in her room

Like a real girl, Poki has lots of plush toys in her room. One of her fans even wrote to her, that Poki is quite a rich girl, if she can afford to buy so many expensive things for herself. She answered, that she had bought all of that with her “twitch money”.

In the back part of the room there’s a bathroom. It’s really small, but beautiful and has everything, which helps Poki remain fresh and healthy.

To cook tea, coffee or have a snack, Poki uses dorm kitchen, which is roomy and very clean.

As you see, Poki is not just a Twitch star, she is a real young girl, who uses the opportunities, which life gives her. And we wish you to use yours!


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