Psy Net Worth is $25 Million



$25 million


$45 million



Psy net worth

Nickname: Park Jae-sang

Date of birth: the 31st of December, 1977

Profession: singer

Nationality: South Korea

Source of wealth: music

Psy, born Park Jae-sang, glorified his name with a song “Gangnam Style”. The unconditional hit gathered more than 3 billion views at Youtube and now, 4 years later, it remains 15th most popular video at YouTube (according to Forbes). During the years of his music career Psy earned $25 million net worth. He made $8 million from his hit “Gangnam Style” and his endorsement deals for Samsung (according to Celebritynetworth). Psy’s success seems an undeserved luck to many people worldwide. But the most famous Korean singer knows, that he has made a long way to his incredible popularity.

Psy was born in a rich family of a restaurateur (mother) and business executive (father). From his teens the future star was interested in music, but his parents supposed him to become a successful businessman. His father decided to send the boy to Boston University, where he had to be prepared for career in business. But Psy left the University and entered Berklee College of Music to fulfill his dream and become a musician. He left the college too and came back home, where he started to work in music industry.

Before recording his famous “Gangnam Style”, Park Jae-sang, who chose Psy as his stage moniker, has already been a big music star in his native Korea. He got initial recognition due to his song “Bird” and then released his first album, which topped the charts in his country and was named “PSY from the PSYcho World!”

He uploaded his legendary single “Gangnam Style” to YouTube on the 15th of July, 2012. The song was included into Guiness Record book as the hit of all times. Psy was called in press as the person, “who made the world dance”.

Now Psy continues recording new music videos and enjoys his wealthy and luxurious life in USA. He tours mostly around USA and European countries, earning millions of dollars for each his show. 

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