Rachel McAdams

Rachel McAdams Net Worth is $16 Million



$16 million


$16 million



Rachel McAdams net worth

Nicknames: Rachel Anne McAdams, Rach

Date of birth: the 17th of November, 1978

Profession: actress

Nationality: Canada

Source of wealth: movies

Scott Mendelson, Forbes author, wrote about career of Rachel McAdams. According to his opinion, she had a chance to become the next big female movie star in early 2000-s, when she played the leading part in such hits as “The Notebook” and “Sherlock Holmes”, but she lost that opportunity and now Rachel gets just supporting roles in such films as “Southpaw” and “Doctor Strange”. According to Mendelson, it happened because of lack of female-centered movies in Hollywood. Romantic comedies are not in fashion now, so romantic actresses have no chance to become a superstar. But in any case, to her quite young age Rachel McAdams managed to save $16 million net worth. She earned for her play in “Sherlock Holmes” $5 million; and for her play in “Morning Glory” $2 million (estimated by Therichest).

Rachel Anne McAdams was born in a middle-class American family. Her father was a truck driver and mother served as a nurse at a local hospital. Although Rach’s parents weren’t very rich, they tried to support their children (the actress has a sister and a brother). Thus they took small Rachel to the figure skating school, when she was in the kindergarten age as they noticed how graciously she had moved.

When McAdams was 12, she felt deep interest in acting and with her parents’ support she won the place at the Original Kids Theatre.

Rachel McAdams earned her first money as an actress, when she was casted to her first television project, named “Earth: Final Conflict”. She gained initial kudos in Canada after participation in the movie “Perfect Pie”. Rach’s cute face caught the hearts of American public in 2002, when she performed in “The Hot Chick” opposite Rob Schneider.

McAdams has become a star after the main role in the hit “The Notebook”. Her chemistry with Ryan Gosling helped to make the romantic movie a real box office hit and it propelled Rachel’s career.

Although now Rachel McAdams can’t boast with too successful projects, still she got her first Oscar nomination in 2016 for the role in a criminal drama “Spotlight”. 

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