Sugar Ray Leonard

Sugar Ray Leonard Net Worth is $120 Million



$120 million


$120 million



Sugar Ray Leonard net worth

Nicknames: Ray Charles Leonard, Ray C. Leonard, King of Box

Date of birth: the 17th of May, 1956

Profession: boxer, actor

Nationality: United States of America

Source of wealth: boxing

The best boxer in 1979 and 1981 according to the magazine "The Ring”, six time champion in different weight categories, one of the best boxers of the 1980s, Olympic champion of 1976 – Sugar Ray Leonard titles can be enumerated for ages. He has made an extremely successful career of a boxer and saved $120 Million net worth. A retired athlete now, Ray Charles makes money as the head of Sugar Ray Leonard Boxing, Inc, a promoting company, which he founded in 2001. He is also known as an occasional actor.

Sugar Ray Leonard is a successful moneymaker. He is a unique boxer, who managed to win $100 million of prize money alone (estimated by Therichest). To become so wealthy and popular, Ray had to work hard from his earliest years.

The future King of Box was born in Cicero and Gertha Leonard family. He grew up with 6 siblings. Leonard’s family was extremely poor. The boy visited Palmer Park high school. Most of his former classmates became criminals, but Ray chose another way. Inspired by his older brothers, he started to visit Palmer Park Recreation Center, where he was trained as a boxer. The talented fellow was noticed by his coach. In 1971 Sugar Ray participated in the match, arranged by the U.S. Amateur Athletic Union. His performance was great and that’s why he was offered to become a member of AAU International team.

Sugar Ray fell in love with boxing and made up his decision to become a professional boxer in 1977. That very year he fought against Luis Vega. This match is considered as Sugar Ray Leonard’s debut.

The great lover of box, ex-Olympic Champion never gets tired to repeat, that boxing is the most complicated business in the world. Now he helps young boxers to start their way to stardom. 

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