Reed Hastings biography

Reed Hastings Net Worth

$3 billion

  • Real name / birth name Wilmot Reed Hastings
  • Occupation entrepreneur, CEO
  • Source of Wealth Netflix
  • Country of wealth USA
  • Date of birth October 8, 1960
  • Age 62
  • Zodiac sign Libra
  • Birth place Boston, Massachusetts, United States
Sources 2017 2018 $3 billion $4 billion $2.3 billion

$3 billion


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How Much is Reed Hastings Worth?

Have you ever imagined what your life could look like, if you were a billionaire? It seems, that such a solid amount of money opens lots of opportunities in front of you. But the entrepreneur Reed Hastings, whose net worth is estimated at $2, 3 billion, doesn’t use any of them. He has no hobby, doesn’t like to stay in limelight and visit restaurants. His mind is focused on his work. He tells, that’s one of the main secrets of his success.

He has never dreamed about becoming a moneybag. On the contrary, he has always valued freedom and ability to take a risk. Once he hitchhiked around Africa, having just $10 in his pocket. When he started his own business, he was ready to lose. But Reed was not ready at all to luxurious life of an affluent person.

Reed Hastings’ net worth comes from the income of his company Netflix. Even if you have never heard his name, surely, you have already used the incredibly helpful service. He co-founded Netflix in 1995 and at first it was a company, which offered rental of DVD’s. Reed understood that most of his potential clients have fast Internet access. That’s why he decided to send rented disks by E-mail.

In 2008 Netflix changed its image and started to offer streaming video to grateful viewers. Nowadays the company can boast with 100 million subscribers all over the world. Netflix offers numerous movies and TV shows, which its clients can watch online any time they want.

In 2013 Hastings’ company began to produce original films and shows. One of the most successful Netflix series is famous “House of Cards”. The award-winning TV show revived careers of the actors David Fincher and Eric Roth.

For now Reed Hastings is one of the most successful entrepreneurs in the world. But how did he start his way to a huge net worth?

Reed Hastings Bio and Career

Nowadays Reed belongs to Silicon Valley tech community and seems to be a typical nerd. But in his young years he differed from his peers by his passion to adventures.

He spent his early years in Boston, Massachusetts. His father earned his living as a lawyer, so Hastings family was financially secured. Reed attended prestigious high school Buckingham Browne & Nichols and then entered Bowdoin College, where got degree in mathematics.

It is hard to tell, that Reed found his calling at an early age. On the contrary, he tried his hand in various kinds of activity, such as a marine, a teacher of maths and Peace Corps volunteer.

He served at Adaptive Technology in early 1990s, and then left the company in order to start his own business. He created “Pure Software”, which troubleshot software problems. He was not ready to a rapid success of his company and was lack of experience, that’s why soon his company was absorbed by another one, the giant “Rational Software”.

Do you know, what distinguishes a man of success from all the others? It is the number of attempts. Reed left his company and stayed in the shadow during 2 years. He tried to analyze his mistakes and make necessary corrections.

In 1995 the businessman felt, he was ready to start from scratch. Together with another enthusiast Marc Randolph he founded Netflix.

At the present moment, Netflix is the big part of Reed Hastings life. Nevertheless he takes one-week vacation every two months to recharge his batteries. The billionaire relaxes with his wife Patty Quillin and their two children in a huge house in Santa Cruz.


The Netflix owner and CEO Reed Hastings lives in a multi-layer home in Santa Cruz, California. Santa Cruz is the ideal place for living, as it has moderate climate and a wide coastline. In addition, the University of California is situated there.

Many significant people chose Santa Cruz as their home, as it can boast with pure fresh air, great beach and good infrastructure. It served as a home for NFL player Johnny Johnson, musician Skip Spence and actor Adam Scott.

Reed seems to be proud of his house. He tells it is full of pets. His kids like to care about domestic animals, that’s why Hastings own several dogs, five chickens and two Nigerian goats.


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