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Richard Dreyfuss


Richard Dreyfuss

Richard Dreyfuss Net Worth is $5 Million

How rich is Richard Dreyfuss?

Nickname: Richard Stephen Dreyfuss (Dreyfus)

Date of birth: the 29th of October, 1947

Profession: actor

Nationality: United States of America

Source of wealth: television, movies

How Much is Richard Dreyfuss Worth?

Some sources estimate Richard Dreyfuss net worth at astonishing $55 million. But the actor just smiles, when he hears it, “I am far not that rich!” he says.

It’s hard to believe, but Dreyfuss, who had appeared in a number of movies each actor can be proud of (such as “Stakeout” with godlike Madeleine Stowe, “The Goodbye Girl”, “Jaws” etc), is broke.

Richard Dreyfuss in Jaws

As the actor tells, he had never been good with money and spent too much. And after 40 Richard felt the lack of interesting offers. Thus, the actor’s level of wealth started to decrease and now he complains that he has to participate in modern movies “for money”.

Richard Dreyfuss net worth

But in any case, Richard Dreyfuss has made an enviable career and enjoyed the high level of salary. For example, for his movie “What About Bob?” the actor got $5 million salary. He earned about $480 per week for featuring in a film “American Graffiti”. And although nowadays the actor feels sorry, that he can’t “take his wife Svetlana to the cruise around Europe”, he did really a great job and gave the world 50 or 60 talented profound movies. But what did he start from?

Richard Dreyfuss Bio and Career

Richard Dreyfuss biography facts

Richard Stephen Dreyfuss was born in New York in the family of Geraldine and Norman Dreyfuss. Richard inherited his passion to acting from his mother, who was an occasional actress and peace activist. His father earned his living as a restaurateur.

When Richard achieved the school age, his family moved to Beverly Hills, CA. There the boy attended Beverly Hills High School, where later Angelina Jolie was educated. Dreyfuss had Jewish ancestry, that’s why he was accepted to Westside Jewish Community Center, where he actually started career of an actor.

Richard Dreyfuss career

Dreyfuss started to act professionally in late 1960-s and early 1970s, but at first his TV appearances were short and modest. He joined acting with studying at San Fernando Valley State College and then left it and went to war in Vietnam.

The future movie star worked as a clerk in LA hospital during 2 years. Later he decided to give acting another chance. Dreyfuss acted in Broadway stage productions and joined it with acting in TV series, such as “Bewitched”, “The Big Valley”, “That Girl” etc.

Richard Dreyfuss got the first movie role in 1967 in the drama “The Graduate”, where he had to tell just a couple of words.

The actor met his big break 10 years later. He portrayed the struggling young actor in “The Goodbye Girl”. The film is about a man and a woman, who had to share the same roof to pay the rent. They were just neighbors and then gradually fell in love. The movie has become favorite for many people all over the world. Richard made his hero interesting and contradictory. His Elliot Garfield was a loser and a wiseman at the same time. Richard portrayed the comedy actor with his own philosophy of life skillfully.

Richard Dreyfuss wons Oscar in 1978

Dreyfuss play brought him the most important award in the life of every actor – an Oscar. After that the actor enjoyed the status of A list Hollywood star and high payments for each movie role.

Richard Dreyfuss joined career with active personal life. He was married three times. For the first time Richard tied a knot with an actress Jeramie Rain. After their divorce Dreyfuss was alone for several years, but then re-married Janelle Lacey. His current wife is Svetlana Erokhin. The couple lives in a huge mansion.

Richard Dreyfuss and his wife Svetlana Erokhin

Richard Dreyfuss House

Richard Dreyfuss used to own a beautiful house in Carlsbad, CA. The house (in the picture above) cost him around $1, 3 million and could boast with a swimming pool, jacuzzy and a comfortable building, which consisted of 5 spacious bedrooms.

The actor sold this house, because he was a rare guest there and actually, didn’t live there for long.

Richard Dreyfuss house (former)

He bought the new residence instead of it in Encinitas, CA. Now Richard and his third wife Svetlana enjoy their life under the roof of 4,830-square-foot building. They paid $1, 5 million for it.  

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