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Rick Scott Net Worth

$255 million

  • Real name / birth name Richard Lynn Scott
  • Occupation politician, businessman
  • Country of wealth USA
  • Date of birth December 1, 1952
  • Age 70
  • Zodiac sign Sagittarius
  • Birth place Bloomington, Illinois, United States
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$255 million


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How Much is Rick Scott Worth?

The current Florida Governor, long-term friend of Donald Trump and death penalty supporter, Rick Scott owns a net worth of $200 million or so. It is hard to define the exact amount of the politician’s fortune as it changes quite rapidly. In 2010 he reported to have $103 million. After that he lost about $30 million. At the end of 2015 the governor estimated his wealth at $149 million.

In any case, Rick Scott is a very rich person. He saved his wealth through a chain of hospitals he co-founded. By the way, Scott has been serving as Florida Governor since 2011, but he doesn’t get a salary per it. The moneybag refused from earning as a politician and insists, he serves as a Governor to make Florida better.

Rick Scott comes from a middle-class family. His mother served as a clerk and stepfather (who actually, adopted and raised Rick) was a trunk driver. Scott’s wealth made a huge leap forward in late 1980-s, when he co-founded Columbia Hospital Corporation. The corporation controlled several hospitals. Later the chain was widened and its name was changed into Hospital Corporation of America. In 1997 Scott resigned from his post of HCA exec after a loud fraud scandal. During FBI investigation a lot of violations in HCA work were noticed. First of all, doctors demanded from their patients paid tests, which were not necessary. In addition, the doctors of the company attached wrong diagnoses to increase the recovery cost. In general HCA was considered guilty in more than 14 frauds and was fined about $1 billion. But Scott managed to avoid the punishment and insisted, he was unaware of the things HCA doctors did.

After leaving HCA, Rick founded an investment company Richard L. Scott Investments and CyberGuard Corporation. In 2011 he was elected as Florida Governor. During 7 years of work Rick did a lot for Florida – although his political decision caused some dispute.

Rick Scott spent $75 million for his political race in 2010. He also supported – morally and financially – Donald Trump’s presidential campaign.

Rick Scott Bio and Career

Everyone knows that the shortest way to a huge wealth is business. But not everybody has enough talent to become a successful businessman. No doubt, Rick Scott is one of those people, who can.

He was born in an ordinary American family. Scott’s parents often were short of money, and the boy couldn’t even dream about vacation at some exotic country or an expensive vehicle.

He attended North Kansas City High School and after graduation spent a couple of years at US Navy.

Having returned home, Rick Scott continued his education and received degrees in business administration and law.

His first business venue was an unprofitable doughnut shop, which he bought and then turned into a prosperous store.

In 1987 Rick Scott made an important decision, which had positive impact on his net worth. He purchased (with a couple of friends) two El Paso hospitals, which served as a base for a powerful medical corporation, which consisted of 340 hospitals and 135 surgery centers.

In 1997 Rick left his hospital corporation and founded several other profitable companies.

Now he enjoys his post of Florida Governor. When Trump, close Rick’s friend, had been elected as the 45th US President, it was rumored that Scott could have gotten the higher post. But he announced that he was not going to change the job he liked.

In 2018 Rick Scott’s second term will come to an end. He hopes to do a lot before his retirement.


Like a Governor, Rick Scott has an opportunity to use the most expensive cars and live in a luxurious house. But he will leave these lavish things immediately after retirement from his post.

Currently Rick Scott resides at Florida Governor’s Mansion, which consists of 30 rooms.

To reach the place of destination, Rick Scott uses luxurious Cadillac.

He owns some property too. The politician has $9 million home in Naples.


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