Robert Townsend biography

Robert Townsend Net Worth

$2 million

  • Real name / birth name Robert Townsend
  • Occupation actor, comedian
  • Source of Wealth movies, television
  • Country of wealth USA
  • Date of birth February 6, 1957
  • Age 65
  • Zodiac sign Pisces
  • Birth place Chicago, Illinois, United States
Sources 2018 $2 million $2 million

$2 million


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How Much is Robert Townsend Worth?

In his 60 the actor and comedian Robert Townsend is not so active as he used to be in early 70-s, when he had just started his career in a movie industry. During more than 4 decades of his active work he managed to save $2 million net worth. Most of this amount comes from his salary for talented movie roles, like Corporal Ellis from “A Soldier’s Story”, Dwight from “Odd Jobs”, Jefferson Reed from “The Meteor Man” etc.

Some money Robert Townsend earned as a film director and scriptwriter. He directed the films “Eddie Murphy: Raw”, “Love Songs” etc. Some part of his income the comedian got from commercials. Robert Townsend’s earnings look really impressive now. But his way on top was not an easy one.

Robert Townsend Bio and Career

Robert Townsend’s family was not rich. His father soon left his wife and children. Robert’s mother grew up her 4 children (the actor has 3 siblings) alone. Townsend got interested in acting since his school years. He entered State University after graduation from school, but soon left his studying and devoted his free time to acting. He rose to stardom after the release of “A Soldier’s Story”. In his interview to “Filmmaker” Townsend told that he got $60, 000 from doing commercials and movies that year. It was his first big salary. His friends advised him to buy Porsche, but he decided to make a new movie for that money. “They made only one black movie in a year, and I wanted to change it”, the star explained. He wrote and directed “Hollywood Shuffle”, the comedy film about black actors’ troubles, which pulled him on top.

Nowadays the actor’s career slowed down. He spends more time with his three children. Two his daughters are busy in show business too.


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