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Robin Roberts


Robin Roberts

Robin Roberts Net Worth is $25 Million

How rich is Robin Roberts?

Nickname: Robin René Roberts

Date of birth: the 23rd of November, 1960

Profession: broadcaster, TV anchor, actress, journalist

Nationality: United States of America

Source of wealth: television

How Much is Robin Roberts Worth?

The famous broadcaster, ABC anchor and actress Robin Roberts owns $25 million net worth. How did she reach such a high level of wealth?

How much is Robin Roberts worth?

The cute and athletic woman Robin Roberts rose to fame in 1990, when she joined the team of a popular sport channel ESPN. She had been serving as a sportscaster at ESPN from 1990 till 2005. During that time Roberts got such a salary, the other TV personalities can just dream about. Her earnings made a big lip forward, when she started to work as co-anchor of ABC popular show “Good Morning America”. It was Robin Roberts, who attracted new viewers to the show, and soon “Good Morning America” rating reached the top.

In 2012 Robin Roberts’ show became more popular than another successful morning program “Today”, which was on air at NBC. “Today” used to be the leading morning show during 16 years, and it lost to “Good Morning America” (GMA) after Roberts’ appearance.

Robin Roberts hosts GMA

They say, Roberts’ salary reached astonishing $14 million per year, when “Good Morning America” rating increased.

In addition to Robin’s work of a broadcaster, she found another source of wealth – acting. Robin Roberts appeared in the episode of “Hannah Montana” series. She portrayed Teresa in the TV show “Last Man Standing” and voiced a heroine in “The LEGO Ninjago Movie”.

Even now, when Robin Roberts is in her 50s, she remains popular and makes cash like a machine. But how did she start her way on top?

Robin Roberts’s Way On Top

Everything begins from the childhood. Robin Roberts spent her early years in Tuskegee, AL. Her father earned his living as a pilot, and his money was enough to provide his 4 children for everything necessary.

Later Roberts family moved to Pass Christian, MS. There Robin attended the local school, where she was not just a brilliant pupil, but also a great athlete. The girl was skilful in playing basketball.

Robin Roberts young

Having graduated from school, Roberts entered Southeastern Louisiana University. There she studied journalism. During her years in the University, Robin was offered to become the part of University basketball team, but she refused and decided to focus her mind on studying. Her sister Sally-Ann Roberts became a TV anchor, and she inspired Robin to follow her example.

Robin Roberts got Bachelor Degree in Communication and began to look for her first job. Soon Roberts was hired as the sports reported at a local TV station. She knew everything about sports and could tell about it to the wide circle of listeners, making her reports interesting and understandable. Thus Robin gained initial popularity, which opened new opportunities in front of her.

The sports reporter climbed the new stage in her career at the age of 29, when she had become the part of ESPN team. Then she began to work at GMA.

Robin Roberts at GMA

Currently Robin Roberts is busy with her morning show. Her schedule is tough, but she finds time for personal life too.

The stellar broadcaster is an open gay. She is dating a massage therapist Amber Laign. Roberts discussed her sexual orientation in one of episodes of “Good Morning America”.

Robin Roberts with her girlfriend Amber Laign

She is always glad to meet her fans; nevertheless Robin needs some time to relax and stay away from public attention. She can have some rest in her big apartment.

Robin Roberts House

Robin Roberts house

Some celebrities like to buy mansions in a countryside to be away from city fuss. But Robin Roberts resides in the heart of a big city – in Manhattan’s Upper Westside. The famous broadcaster chose a big expensive flat in the cultural centre of New York – not far from Columbia University. Many outstanding people – rich businessman, actors, singers and athletes – own property in UWS.

Robin Roberts decorated her lavish flat in white and beige colors. She shares her home with Amber – her girlfriend of many years.

Robin Roberts owns a lavish house

The popular TV anchor Robin Roberts has already proved, that she is an expert in her area of activity. The star deserves to get her multi-million salary.

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