Robinho Net Worth is $60 Million



$45 million


$60 million



Robinho net worth

Nicknames: Robson de Souza, Róbson, new Pele

Date of birth: the 25th of January, 1984

Profession: soccer player

Nationality: Brazil

Source of wealth: soccer

Robinho is a famous soccer player, who is mostly known as Atlético Mineiro forward. For his fast movements, professional instinct and ability immediately to attack the opponent team, he was awarded with great salary. Thus the soccer star managed to save $45 million net worth.

Robinho has been a gifted soccer player since his childhood. Born Robson de Souza, the boy managed to enter Beira Mar football academy at the age of 6. During his years in the academy Robinho gained the reputation of a real goal scorer, that’s why in 1999 Pele called him as his adherent.

The talented athlete signed his first contract in 2002. Then he had become the member of Santos. He had won two titles as Santos player and soon European football clubs were ready to pay a lot for Robinho transfer.

But Santos managers didn’t want to let de Souza go and that’s why he left the team in his native country with a loud scandal.

In 2005 Robinho finally was transferred to Real Madrid. The deal was rumored to be very costly. Real Madrid paid for the athlete 25 million euro.

Robinho has changed numerous sports clubs during his years in professional sports. He was the member of Manchester City, Associazione Calcio Milan etc. Occasionally he was playing for Santos, if his first football club was ready to pay for the specialist of such a high level. Since February, 2016 he is playing for Atlético Mineiro.

The main source of Robinho net worth is soccer. He is not known to participate in lucrative endorsement deals. Numerous times he was included in the list of the most successful soccer played, formed by various sport issues.

Robinho combines his professional duties with a role of a father. He has two sons.

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