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Roger Clemens Net Worth

$60 million

  • Real name / birth name William Roger Clemens
  • Occupation former baseball player
  • Source of Wealth baseball
  • Country of wealth USA
  • Date of birth August 4, 1962
  • Age 60
  • Zodiac sign Leo
  • Birth place Dayton, Ohio, United States
Sources 2018 $60 million $60 million $60 million $60 million

$60 million


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How Much is Roger Clemens Worth?

The retired baseball player Roger Clemens stays firmly on his feet. His net worth is estimated at $60 million. So, Roger can be sure – his wife Debbie and 4 sons will never need a little penny. But what a person must do to earn such a fortune?

Roger Clemens’ wealth comes from his activity of a baseball player. He started his career in early 1980s during his studying at San Jacinto College North. Even then Roger proved to be a talented pitcher, having led his University team to numerous victories.

His earnings increased in 1984, when he was selected as a pitcher for Boston Red Sox. But if you think, that after that Clemens’ career was full of fame and cash only, you are wrong. The athlete passed through a complicated surgery on his hands to continue playing his favorite game.

He played for Sox during long 12 years. And each time he appeared on the field, he gave his heart and all his strength to his team. With the help of Roger, Sox appeared in 1986 World Series. The baseball star collected a number of awards, including MVP award, which is a rare thing for a pitcher.

In 1996 Clemens parted the ways with Boston Red Sox, but his earnings remained high. He played for other teams, such as Toronto Bluejays, New York Yankees and Houston Astros. He played in 24 seasons of MBL, being the part of 5 various teams in general.

Clemens was ready to retire in 2006, but then signed 1-year deal with Yankees in 2007. During that year only he got $28 million salary. At the end of the year he announced the end of his career.

Roger Clemens Bio and Career

Born William Roger Clemens spent his early years in Dayton, Ohio in the family of Bess and Bill Clemens. His parents separated, when the boy was just 2 years old.

After that Roger lived with his mother and elder brother Randy. But soon another person appeared, who played an important role in Clemens’ life. His mother married again, and this time her husband was much more positive. Woody Booher earned his living as a tool maker, and he was not rich to provide small Roger for expensive clothes or toys. But he spent lots of time with the boy and showed him, how to play baseball.

Unfortunately, Booher died from a massive heart attack in 1970. But Roger Clemens has already fell in love with sports and trained each free minute. Being incredibly self-disciplined, the boy created his own workout plan and followed it every single day.

He played as a pitcher for the school baseball team during his time at Spring Woods High. He continued to play at San Jacinto College North. In 1984 the talented young player signed the deal with Boston Red Sox.

Roger Clemens is a star for millions of people worldwide. But he is just a husband and father at home. He is married to Debra Lynn Godfrey. The couple has brought up 4 sons – the famous baseball player Koby Clemens, Kory, Kacy and Kody.

But how did Clemens live in his out-of-field life?


Life of celebrities is usually connected with removals; that’s why they change their houses from time to time. The baseball legend Roger Clemens, his wife Debbie and their 4 sons used to reside in different places. But a warm home in Memorial will always be special for them.

The family lived in the roomy ranch-style home in 1980s, when Clemens played for Boston Red Sox. He gave 100% of his efforts on the field and needed a safe comfortable place to recharge his batteries. Roger’s wife Debbie created such a place for her husband.

The façade of the house is quite simple. It is built of the red and white bricks. The residence looks especially elegant because of tall white columns and oval long windows. In the back part of the house there’s a barbeque zone and a swimming pool.

The residence is entered through a tall arced door. After that the visitor appears in a small paradise – roomy, elegant and warm. The living-room – a heart of the house – is decorated in white and light brown colors. The only exception is a fireplace, which looks like a precious artwork. It is tiled with dark blue stone and decorated with the stylish collection of minerals.

The other premises of the house include bathrooms, bedrooms, a chef kitchen and a roomy well-equipped gym, where Roger could train his skills.

Although Clemens family doesn’t live there anymore, this house remains their favorite.


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