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Rose Byrne

Rose Byrne Net Worth is $12, 5 Million

How rich is Rose Byrne?

Nicknames: Mary Rose Byrne; Rosie

Date of birth: the 24th of July, 1979

Profession: actress, model

Nationality: Australia

Source of wealth: television, movies

How Much is Rose Byrne Worth?

Rose Byrne is a talented Australian actress, who saved $12, 5 million net worth through her career in movie industry, which she started in 1989.

How much is Rose Byrne worth?

Through her years of acting Byrne appeared in numerous films and TV series, which had become massive hits. She is mostly known as Alex from “Wicker Park”, Cassie from “Sunshine”, Rayna Boyanov from “Spy” etc. She has also featured in all 59 episodes of legal series “Damages”.

Rose Byrne and Jude Law in Spy

The main part of Rose Byrne wealth comes from her career of an actress. Rose used her beauty and talent to become one of the most popular Australian actresses in the world. Her career success is proved with both, her constantly increasing net worth and her numerous awards. She can boast with two Golden Globe nominations, MTV Movie Award etc.

When Rose Byrne just started her career, her salary was quite low. But her fan base increased, and her net worth did the same. For each episode of the series “Damages” she got $75, 000. Several years later the actress received $500, 000 paycheck for her play in a musical film “Annie”.

In addition to acting, Rose makes cash as a model too. She participated in a number of commercials, which contributed to her net worth. In 2004-2006 Rose Byrne was the spokesperson of Max Factor.

By the way, Rose is not going to stop. She participates in one-two new projects each year. Soon her fans can hear her pleasant voice in the animated comedy “Peter Rabbit”. The actress voiced one of heroines of the film – Bea. During her work on the project she collaborated with the stars Daisy Ridley and Margot Robbie.

But how did Rose Byrne start her way on top?

Rose Byrne’s Way On Top

Rose Byrne youngA slim stylish actress, Rose Byrne seems to be born for a lavish life. Nevertheless the star used to tell in her interview, that her parents were not rich and preferred a modest way of life. Her father made the ends meet, working as a statistician. He also performed as a clown at private parties. Her mother was an educator. In her parents’ home there were no modern appliances, such as a cell phone or a microwave. Her father and mother preferred to do everything with their own hands. Byrne spent her early years in Balmain, the suburb of Sydney.

Rose was interested in acting since her childhood. When the girl turned 8, she began to visit acting lessons at Australian Theatre for Young People. At the age of 13, Rose won her first movie role. She played Rastus Sommers in a comedy “Dallas Doll”.

The actress appeared in a number of other projects in her teens and dreamed to study at a drama school after graduation from a high school, but she was not accepted. The girl was depressed by her bad luck. She entered University of Sydney to study English Literature.

Byrne was catapulted to fame in 1999, when she portrayed Alex in a thriller “Two Hands”. It was a precious professional experience for her, as Rose acted opposite legendary Heath Ledger.

After that she moved to LA to develop her career of an actress. She featured in “Star Wars: Episode II – Attack of the Clones”, played parts in an action “Troy” (alongside Brad Pitt and Eric Bana) and Sofia Coppola’s biopic drama “Marie Antoinette”.

Probably, Rose Byrn finest hour came, when she won the role of a lawyer in the series “Damages”. During 5 years she was busy with this project.

Rose Byrne with her boyfriend Bobby Cannavale

No need to prove, that Rose Byrne is one of the brightest modern actresses. But she finds enough time for a personal life in spite of her busy schedule. Since 2012 Rose is in relationship with an actor Bobby Cannavale. The couple resides in a nice house in West Village, New York parlour.

Rose Byrne House

Rose Byrne house

Bobby Cannavale and Rose Byrne house is rumored to cost $2, 2 million. Rose got used to live in New York in late 2000s, when she was busy with “Damages”. At first she rented a house, and then decided to get her own.

Rose Byrne house

Her cozy home consists of 3 bedrooms, a beautiful spacious bathroom, chef kitchen and living-room. The house boasts with a laundry and a roomy storage too. It is surrounded by a nice garden.

Rose Byrne with her son Rocco Cannavale

Rose and Bobby are not alone in their house anymore. In February, 2016 they welcomed a son Rocco Cannavale.

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