Russell Wilson biography

Russell Wilson Net Worth

$45 million

  • Real name / birth name Russell Carrington Wilson
  • Occupation American football player
  • Source of Wealth sports, endorsements
  • Country of wealth USA
  • Date of birth November 29, 1988
  • Age 33
  • Zodiac sign Sagittarius
  • Birth place Cincinnati, Ohio, United States
Sources 2017 2018 2019 $45 million $42 million $42 million $45 million

$45 million


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How Much is Russell Wilson Worth?

For most of people Russell Wilson is a successful NFL player, quarterback of Seattle Seahawks, which he led to numerous victories. He is a person of success, who earned $42 million net worth to his 28th age mark. But for himself he is a simple athlete, who is completely involved into sports.

At the end of each season Russell asks himself the questions about the world creation. He wants to know why we live and what the sense of life is. Wilson is a religious person, that’s why he refused from sex with Ciara – his then-girlfriend and now wife – before marriage, as “the God told him doing it”. He is also an active philanthropist.

Probably, the God hears Russell’s pious thoughts and sends him career success and multi-million salary.

Russell Wilson Salary per year (estimated by TheRichest and Forbes):

2012 $2 million
2016 $12, 3 million
2019 $17 million (expected)

As you have noticed, Russell Wilson wages have a tendency to grow. He made the deal with Seahawks 5 years ago and then his salary was $2 million annually. The dream salary for most of people, isn’t it? Wilson tried his best as a quarterback. The player led his teammates to Super Bowl XLVIII victory. As a result he had an opportunity to reconsider his deal.

In 2015 the American football player signed another 4 year deal for $87 million. According to this deal, Russell gets $12 million of salary, which is guaranteed. He can also count on bonus in case he plays successfully. He gets some income from endorsement deals too. Wilson endorses Nike, Braun, Microsoft and some other brands.

The stellar player has a busy schedule. But that seems not enough for him, so he decided to launch one more business. He created his own line of apparel, named Good Man Brand. So, Russell Wilson can expect millions of dollars from this gig too.

He has an enviable salary, but how did he achieve it?

Russell Wilson Bio and Career

Russell Wilson got used to sports in his early years mostly due to his father, a former NFL player, who left sports to become a lawyer. In addition Russell had an older brother, with whom they played both, football and basketball.

Wilson was incredibly talented as an athlete, and soon he became a college sports star. During his final year at Richmond’s Collegiate, Russell tried his hand as a quarterback of school team, and was titled as the player of the year. He practiced baseball, tennis, football etc.

Having graduated from college, Russell entered North Carolina State University, where he was supervised by the coach Tom O’Brien. The trainer insisted Wilson should play baseball, but he was interested in other sports activities too. His misunderstanding with the coach caused his transfer to Wisconsin-Madison University. He dreamed to become a professional football player, but his height (Russell is 5 ft 11) was not suitable for this kind of sports. Nevertheless the managers of Seattle Seahawks decided to give him a chance and chose Russell Wilson as their quarterback in 2012. They have never regretted about it as Russell Wilson led his team to a number of loud victories.

Currently the stellar athlete enjoys a solid salary. He spent a part of it to get the house of his dream and a great car.


In 2015 Russell Wilson signed a lucrative deal with Seahawks and was going to marry his loved one, a singer Ciara. Probably, these two events inspired Russell to buy a new mansion in Washington. The property was rumored to cost $6, 7 million. The quarterback’s residence looks like a palace. It is built of white stone and consists of 2 storeys. The house includes 7 bedrooms and 7 bathrooms. So, Russell has enough space to relax after the hard sports season.

Being one of the most marketable players in the world, Russell Wilson can choose any car he likes. The football star drives Mercedes Benz G63 AMG.

The incredibly beautiful and powerful car of black color is the real pride of Wilson. He drives it at a high speed and listens to music on his way. Most songs from his playlist are sung by his wife.


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