Nolan Ryan biography

Nolan Ryan Net Worth

$60 million

  • Real name / birth name Lynn Nolan Ryan
  • Occupation former MLB player; businessman; an executive adviser
  • Source of Wealth baseball; business
  • Country of wealth USA
  • Date of birth January 31, 1947
  • Age 75
  • Zodiac sign Aquarius
  • Birth place Refugio, Texas, United States
Sources 2018 $60 million $60 million

$60 million


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How Much is Nolan Ryan Worth?

This tall, intense-looking 70-year old man doesn’t differ too much from other people of his age. Well, probably, he is a little more groomed and fit. He has a nice face, quite a wide nose and a big head with receding hairline. His eyes – this is what makes him different from the others. His look – deep and attentive – proves he is a person of extraordinary abilities. Ok, everybody, this is Nolan Ryan, a talented baseball player in the past and a successful businessman in the present. And he’s a millionaire. Nolan Ryan net worth is estimated as $60 million. And the popular athlete earned all the money himself. He got huge salary – at first as an extraordinary pitcher and later as a lucky investor. How did he achieve what he wanted?

Nolan Ryan’s career can be divided into two parts. The first part is his career of a MLB player, which lasted about 27 years. Unexpectedly, as a successful pitcher he saved just about $25 million. The rest part of that amount Nolan earned as a businessman. But let’s start from the very beginning

Nolan Ryan Bio and Career

Nobody knows the secrets of success, but most of people think that it is a lucky combination of talent and ability to work hard. As Nolan told in his interview later, he had never thought about becoming a millionaire. But he was a son of a hard-working father and from the earliest years he got used to earn the salary by his own. Being in a primary school age, Nolan started to help his dad. He delivered Houston Post papers.

In his school years Nolan shared his time between his work, studying and sports. Playing basketball and baseball was his hobby and the main passion. In his senior grade he concentrated on baseball and managed to set the record number of batting average. He was included to the All-State team in 1965.

Nolan started to play basketball professionally in 1966. He rose to fame in early 1970-s and made a record-setting career, which lasted during 27 years. He played for the New York Mets, the Houston Astros, Texas Rangers to name a few. Nolan Ryan gained both, fame and money, but finally he made up his mind to retire.

Most of athletes can’t manage their lives and money after the retirement. But Nolan Ryan was among those lucky, who earned even more.

Nolan Ryan Earnings Today

Nolan Ryan’s life today is still connected with baseball. But currently he earns as a savvy businessman. He concluded several profitable endorsement deals, opened his own restaurant and invested his money to baseball teams. At first he copped minor league teams and later invested in Texas Rangers. In 2015 Nolan Ryan joined the other star retired colleagues to form Dugout Ventures Group, which invested into baseball-around products and brands.

As you see, Nolan Ryan’s life is still active and successful. But how does he recharge his life batteries?


Many people dream to earn lots of money to spend them for vacation in foreign countries and for luxurious cars and houses. But Ryan seems not to be interested in it. The owner of $60 million net worth, he recharged his life batteries in his parents’ old house in Texas. As Nolan used to tell the place, where he was brought up, was so dear to his heart! In March, 2017 he put the house for sale. Nolan wants to get $165, 000 for the property.

The house is not so big and luxurious for a celebrity of Ryan’s level. The one-story house consists of 4 bedrooms, one bathroom and a small kitchen. It is surrounded with several large trees. Probably, Ryan climbed these trees with his father. There’s a small garage on the territory of the house. It is supposed just for one car.

Nolan Ryan seems to be a wise and reasonable person. Probably, that is the secret of his success.


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