Samantha Fox biography
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Samantha Fox Net Worth

$20 million

  • Real name / birth name Samantha Karen Fox
  • Occupation singer, actress, former model
  • Source of Wealth music, television
  • Country of wealth USA
  • Date of birth April 15, 1966
  • Age 56
  • Zodiac sign Aries
  • Birth place Mile End, London, United Kingdom
Sources 2018 $20 million $15 million

$20 million


0 kg. gold


0 Bitcoin

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How Much is Samantha Fox Worth?

Samantha Fox is an internationally popular English singer, actress and former model. These jobs gave her an opportunity to save $20 million net worth.

Sam started her career as a glamorous model, and achieved popularity all over England, doing this job. In 80s she was ranked as the most photographed woman in United Kingdom. Her large fan base gave her an opportunity to sign the most profitable deals with fashionable issues and reputable photographers. Thus she started to earn her wealth.

In 1986 Samantha Fox felt, she was ready to launch another career. She presented her first single “Touch Me”, which was ranked Number One hit in 17 countries worldwide. Thus Samantha Fox found another source of wealth – singing. Through this job Sam saved the major part of her wealth. Currently she can boast with 7 studio albums. The second of them, named “Samantha Fox”, got golden status.

In addition to singing, Samantha Fox added the profession of an actress. She appeared in several movies and TV series, having earned a couple of extra millions for it. Her most popular screen project is “Charles in Charge”, the series about the handsome student, who earned some cash, babysitting three children. In one of episodes Samantha Fox portrayed a rock star, which intented to seduce the main hero (portrayed by Scott Baio).

Currently Samantha Fox career has shortened its sail, but still she is remembered as the coolest girl of her generation. But how did she start her way on top?

Samantha Fox Bio and Career

Nowadays Samantha Fox has more money, than she can spend. But in her early years she led modest lifestyle. The girl was born in a family of Carole and John Fox in London. She grew up alongside three siblings. Sam’s parents earned their living as market traders. They earned enough money to provide their children for everything necessary, but not enough to live a lavish life.

Since her childhood Samantha Fox was interested in music and theater. At the age of 5 she started to visit Anna Scher Theatre School. The study there she combined with getting education at St. Thomas More RC School.

Fox’s beautiful face and long fair hair, her amazing manner to act soon were noticed by TV producers. Thus the girl debuted on TV at the age of 10. She featured in the play “No Way Out”.

After that Samantha Fox made her choice – she decided to become an entertainer. She started to make money as a model at the age of 16, when her photo was printed in “The Sunday People”. Having earned the part of her wealth through modeling, Fox returned to singing and acting.


If you want to know the person, you should look at one’s home. That’s why it is always interesting to peep into the houses of our favorite celebs.

Samantha Fox lives in a simple cozy home in East London. When you look at this beautiful bright woman, you expect that she resides in a huge mansion, decorated with pink pillows and orange curtains. But the singer’s house looks quite ordinary. It is built of firm light-brown brick and consists of 2 storeys. The sloping dark-grey roof of the house is decorated with several turrets. The residence is surrounded with a manicured yard territory. There are several tall trees around the building, which cover it from strangers’ eyes.

The house can boast with tall wide windows – probably Samantha likes, when there’s lots of sunlight in her house. Unfortunately, Samantha Fox has never invited journalists to her home, so the interior of the residence is covered with mystery.

Samantha Fox lived in her London home with a partner and manager– beloved woman Myra Stratton, who died from cancer in 2015.


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